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C.I.A. - Olteniada 3

"Saga" pieselor cu numele OLTENIADA continua si in 2020 - piese care au reprezentat SUD-ul si nu numai, cu MC din partile locului. Prima Olteniada iesea pe materialul "6 Gloante" in 2007 si avea in distributie pe: Byga, Phila, Rashid, Mutu, MCA. A doua Olteniada sau "Bygansky, tati" iese in 2015 si ii aduna pe urmatorii: Byga, Mutu, El Nino, Dragos Miron, Jianu. In 2020 am ales s-o tinem in familie, iar distributia sa fie strict din membrii C.I.A.


A Written Testimony (Arabic: شهادة مكتوبة) este albumul de debut al lui Jay Electronica și a fost lansat în data de 13 martie 2020, prin Roc Nation.


ADHD este albumul de debut al lui Joyner Lucas și a fost lansat în data de 27 martie 2020, prin propriul label, Twenty Nine Music Group.


LULU urmează să fie lansat în data de 30 martie 2020, prin ALC Records, Griselda Records, EMPIRE.

Cântecul și povestea lui: Episodul 60: Sincer

Piesa sincer este inclusă pe albumul "TABU" lansat de Alan și Kepa în data de 27 septembrie 2012 și este produsă de Kov și Sonny. 09. Sincer Instrumental: Kov, Sonny / Text: Kepa, Alan / Mix, master: Alan / Aranjament muzical: Alan

duminică, 5 aprilie 2020

DE AFARĂ: 7L & Esoteric - Dangerous Connection (2002)

Dangerous Connection este cel de-al 2-lea album al lui 7L & Esoteric și a fost lansat în data de 8 octombrie 2002, prin Brick Records.

Track listing

1."One Six"7L1:37
2."Watch Me"7L3:54
3."Warning - Knife in the Face"7L3:32
4."Terrorist's Cell"Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind2:34
6."Word Association"7L3:28
8."Speak Now" (featuring Apathy & Vinnie Paz)7L4:35
9."Rules of Engagement" (featuring Count Bass D & J-Live)7L2:58
10."Riccardi Man"Beyonder1:51
12."What I Mean" (featuring Beyonder)Beyonder4:16
13."Rest In Peace"KutMasta Kurt3:48
14."The Way Out"7L2:41
Total length:46:04

DE AFARĂ: 7L & Esoteric - The Soul Purpose (2001)

The Soul Purpose este LP-ul de debut al trupei 7L & Esoteric și a fost lansat în data de 24 iulie 2001, prin Landspeed.

Track listing

1."Dwight Spits Intro" (featuring Count Bass D) 1:00
2."Verbal Assault"Vinyl Reanimators3:32
3."Terror At Your Ear"Vinyl Reanimators3:16
4."Operating Correctly" (featuring Mr. Lif)7L4:31
5."Call Me E.S."Vinyl Reanimators3:27
6."My Rhyme Pt. II" 0:59
7."Jealous Over Nothing"Joc Max3:54
8."Chain Reaction" (featuring Vinnie Paz)Vinyl Reanimators3:53
9."Think Back"7L3:19
10."Interlude - Terra What?" 0:42
11."Mic Mastery"Vinyl Reanimators3:35
12."Public Execution" (featuring Apathy and Reks)7L3:53
13."You Know the Concept"Vinyl Reanimators4:10
14."Speaking Real Words" (featuring Inspectah Deck)Vinyl Reanimators4:11
15."First Letter"7L1:13
16."The Soul Purpose"DJ Spinna4:41
17."Rep the Hardest" (performed by God Complex)7L4:01
18."Play It Cool"7L2:26
19."Guest List"The ARE3:35
20."State of the Art" (featuring Akrobatik, Cadence and Checkmark)Raw Produce4:26
Total length:64:44

DE AFARĂ: Heavy Metal Kings - Heavy Metal Kings (2011)

Heavy Metal Kings a fost lansat în data de 5 aprilie 2011, prin Enemy Soil/Uncle Howie.

Track listing

1."Keeper of the Seven Keys"V. Luvineri, W. Braunstein, C. LancianiC-Lance3:03
2."Eye Is the King"Luvineri, Braunstein, J. MakhnoJunior Makhno3:02
3."Impaled Nazarene"Luvineri, Braunstein, B. MiklosGrand Finale3:05
4."Children of God"Luvineri, BraunsteinIll Bill2:49
5."Blood Meridian"Luvineri, Braunstein, J. LaddGem Crates2:45
6."Oath of the Goat"Luvineri, Braunstein, K. ElliottVherbal3:15
7."King Diamond"Luvineri, BraunsteinIll Bill3:10
8."The Vice of Killing" (featuring Reef the Lost Cauze and Sabac Red)Luvineri, Braunstein, S. Lacey, J. Fuentes, J. AndersenSicknature5:06
9."Devil's Rebels" (featuring Crypt the Warchild)Luvineri, Braunstein, M. Albaladejo, C. BaussShuko3:25
10."Age of Quarrel"Luvineri, Braunstein, J. HeffernanJack of All Trades2:38
11."Metal in Your Mouth" (featuring Q-Unique and Slaine)Luvineri, A. Quiles, Braunstein, G. Carroll, HeffernanJack of All Trades2:45
12."Terror Network"Luvineri, Braunstein, LancianiC-Lance2:55
13."Leviathan (The Spell of Kingu)"Luvineri, Braunstein, L. MuggerudDJ Muggs3:06
14."The Crown Is Mine"Luvineri, Braunstein, LancianiC-Lance3:17
15."Splatterfest"Luvineri, Braunstein, LancianiC-Lance2:57
16."The Final Call"Luvineri, BraunsteinIll Bill3:26
iTunes version bonus track
17."Blood Meridian (Ill Bill Remix)"Luvineri, BraunsteinIll Bill3:02
Napster version bonus track
18."Santa Sangre"Luvineri, BraunsteinDJ Lethal3:02

DE AFARĂ: Brotha Lynch Hung - Coathanga Strangla (2011)

Coathanga Strangla este cel de-al 7-lea album al lui Brotha Lynch Hung și a fost lansat în data de 5 aprilie 2011, prin Strange Music.

Track listing

1."Working Late (Intro)" (featuring Lauren Brinson & Tabitha McGlothin)Kevin Mann (Brotha Lynch Hung)Phonk Beta2:16
2."The Coathanga" (featuring COS)Kevin Mann, Chris Mathias (COS)Seven4:01
3."Mannibalector" (featuring Crookwood & COS)Kevin MannSeven4:17
4."Look What I Did (Skit)" (featuring Devious)Kevin MannMr. Blap0:52
5."Look It's a Dead Body"Kevin MannDJ Epic4:33
6."Sooner Or Later" (featuring Mr. Blap)Kevin Mann, J. CottonSeven5:29
7."Fucc Off Again (Skit)"Dave WeinerBen Cybulsky, Mike Baiardi0:23
8."Suicide Watch" (featuring Devious, Lauren Brinson, First Degree The D.E., Don Rob)Kevin Mann, Kevin Loggins (Devious)Seven5:37
9."Spit It Out" (featuring COS)Kevin Mann, Chris MathiasSeven4:42
10."Red Dead Bodies" (featuring G-Macc)Kevin Mann, Brandon Elston (G Macc)Seven3:58
11."Blinded By Desire" (featuring Lauren Brinson)Kevin MannSeven3:36
12."Friday Night" (featuring COS)Kevin Mann, Chris MathiasSeven3:40
13."The Visit (Skit)" (featuring Lauren Brinson & Don Rob)Kevin MannJ. Cotton, Robert Rebeck, Kevin Mann1:29
14."I C U" (featuring Tech N9ne)Kevin Mann, Aaron D. Yates (Tech N9ne)Axis4:45
15."I'm Not Perfect" (featuring G Macc, COS & Crookwood)Kevin Mann, Brandon Elston, Chris Mathias, Kenny Rookwood (Crookwood)Dustin Worswick5:43
16."I Don't Think My Momma Ever Loved Me" (featuring Mr. Blap & Irv Da Phenom)Kevin Mann, J. CottonSeven3:50
17."Eating Fingers (Skit)" (featuring Marcell Sanders, Brandon Wade, Alex Glass & Brya Akdersen)Kevin MannJ. Cotton1:04
18."Therapy Session" (featuring Bleezo, Big NoLove, Sav Sicc & Skitso)Kevin Mann, Brandon Wade (Bleezo), Michael Landon Carraway Sr. (Big NoLove), Michael Landon Carraway Jr. (Sav Sicc), Marcell Sanders (Skitso)Phonk Beta4:57
19."It Happens" (featuring First Degree The D.E. & Tall Cann)Kevin Mann, Michael Colen (First Degree The D.E.), Ramon Ross (Tall Cann)Seven4:06
20."Takin' Online Orders" (featuring Tech N9ne)Kevin Mann, Aaron D. YatesSeven3:46
21."Outro" (featuring Lauren Brinson)Kevin MannPhonk Beta1:23
Total length:1:14:39

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DE AFARĂ: 7L & Esoteric ‎- Speaking Real Words (1999)

Speaking Real Words a fost lansat în 1999 prin Direct Records și re-lansat în 2006, prin Traffic Entertainment Group.


1 Speaking Real Words
Engineer – Marley MarlFeaturing – Inspectah DeckWritten-By – J. Hunter*
2 Bound To Slay
Producer – 7L
3 Def Rhymes 4:13
4 Essays On Esoterrorism 3:06
5 Headswell
Featuring – Virtuoso (2)Written-By – M. Blackmer-Hart*
6 Learn From The Druid 3:38
7 Be Alert
Featuring – Beyonder (2), Virtuoso (2)Producer – Beyonder (2)Written-By – B. Duggan*, M. Blackmer-Hart*
8 Observe The Sound
Featuring – Apathy, J-Live, L The Headtoucha*Written-By – C. Bromley*, J. Cadet*, L. Ansah*
9 Def Rhymes (First Version) 3:58

Società, ecc.



Traffic Entertainment Group reissue pressed in the early 2000s.

℗ & © 1999 Direct Records.
Manufactured & Distributed By Traffic Entertainment Group.
Made in the U.S.A.

Mastered at Frankford Wayne.

Track 1 recorded at Mrs. Pusskin's House and mixed at Marley's House Of Hits. Inspectah Deck appears courtesy of Loud Records.

Track 2 recorded at Joe's Wax Museum and mixed at Waltz Audio.

Tracks 3 to 6, 8, 9 recorded and mixed at Joe's Wax Museum.

Track 7 recorded at Iacron Studios and mixed at Waltz Audio.

DE AFARĂ: 9th Wonder & Pete Rock ‎- Class Is In Session (2003)

Class Is In Session este un mixtape lansat neoficial de 9th Wonder și Pete Rock în 2003.


1 Whatever You Say (Remix I)
Featuring – Little Brother
2 Whatever You Say (Remix II)
Featuring – Little Brother
3 Am I Dreaming?
4 Hi Baby (Instrumental)
5 Watch Me (Instrumental)
6 City Star Strut (Instrumental)
7 Oh Yeah
Featuring – Grap Luva, Phonte Coleman
8 Always
Featuring – Kev Brown
9 From The Basement
Featuring – Grap Luva, Phonte Coleman
10 Funky (Instrumental)
11 Night Cruise (Instrumental)
12 Hello Tokyo (Instrumental)

DE AFARĂ: 9th Wonder & Buckshot - The Formula (2008)

Albumul The Formula a fost lansat în data de 29 aprilie 2008, prin Duck Down Records.

Track listing

  • All songs written by Kenyatta Blake and Patrick Douthit, except as noted.
  1. "Intro - The Formula" (feat. The Formula Crew)
  2. "Ready (Brand New Day)"
  3. "Be Cool!" (feat. Swan)
  4. "Go All Out (No Doubt!!!)" (feat. Carlitta Durand)
  5. "No Future"
  6. "Hold It Down" (feat. Talib Kweli & Tyler Woods) (Kenyatta Blake, Patrick Douthit, Talib K. Greene, Tyler Woods)
  7. "Whassup With U?" (feat. Keisha Shontelle) (Kenyatta Blake, Patrick Douthit, Keisha Hinnant)
  8. "One For You (Big Lou)"
  9. "Just Display"
  10. "Here We Go"
  11. "Throwin' Shade"
  12. "Shinin' Y'all" (feat. Arafat Yates & Big Chops of The M1 Platoon) (Kenyatta Blake, Patrick Douthit, V. Kerns, K. Dickens)
  13. "Man Listen" (Cause Ummm) (feat. Carlitta Durand)



DE AFARĂ: Buckshot & 9th Wonder - Chemistry (2005)

Albumul Chemistry a fost lansat în data de 21 iunie 2005, prin Duck Down Records.

Track listing

# Title Producer(s) Performer (s)
1 "Intro" 9th Wonder *Interlude Featuring Jean Grae*
2 "Chemistry 101" 9th Wonder Buckshot
3 "He's Back" 9th Wonder Buckshot
4 "Now A Dayz [That's What's Up]" 9th Wonder Buckshot
5 "Slippin'" 9th Wonder Buckshot
6 "Side Talk" 9th Wonder Buckshot
7 "The Ghetto" 9th Wonder Buckshot
8 "Food For Thought" 9th Wonder Buckshot
9 "No Comparison" 9th Wonder Buckshot
10 "Birdz [Fly The Coup]" 9th Wonder Buckshot, Phonte, Keisha Shontelle
11 "U Wonderin'" 9th Wonder Buckshot, Rapper Big Pooh, Sean Price
12 "Out Of Town" 9th Wonder Buckshot, L.E.G.A.C.Y., Joe Scudda
13 "I Don't Know Why" 9th Wonder Buckshot, Keisha Shontelle
14 "Money Makes The World Go Round" 9th Wonder Buckshot, Starang Wondah


DE AFARĂ: Little Brother - The Minstrel Show (2005)

The Minstrel Show este cel de-al 2-lea album al trupei Little Brother și a fost lansat în data de 13 septembrie 2005, prin Atlantic pe CD și ABB Records pe vinil.

Track listing

Unless otherwise indicated, Information is based on the album’s Liner Notes
# Title Producer(s) Performer(s) Time Samples
1 "Welcome to the Minstrel Show" 9th Wonder YahZarah
Chris Hardwick
Darien Brockington
2 "Beautiful Morning" 9th Wonder Rapper Big Pooh
3 "The Becoming" 9th Wonder Phonte 2:05
4 "Not Enough" 9th Wonder Rapper Big Pooh
Darien Brockington
5 "Cheatin'" Piano Reeves Percy Miracles
Mr. Diggs
6 "Hiding Place" 9th Wonder Rapper Big Pooh
(also additional skit)
Additional Skit by Joe Scudda
7 "Slow It Down" 9th Wonder Rapper Big Pooh
Darien Brockington
8 "Say It Again" 9th Wonder Rapper Big Pooh
Pamela Graham*
  • "Do Something Special (For Your Lady)" by The Five Special
9 "5th & Fashion (Skit)" Nicolay *Interlude* 1:19
10 "Lovin' It" 9th Wonder Rapper Big Pooh
Joe Scudda
  • "One Night Affair" by The Stylistics
11 "Diary of a Mad Black Daddy (Skit)" 9th Wonder *Interlude* 0:40
  • Little Brother song "Lovin' It"[8]
12 "All for You" 9th Wonder Rapper Big Pooh
Darien Brockington
Keyboards & Strings by James Poyser
13 "Watch Me" Khrysis Rapper Big Pooh
DJ Scratches by DJ Jazzy Jeff
14 "Sincerely Yours" 9th Wonder Rapper Big Pooh 3:15
15 "Still Lives Through" 9th Wonder Rapper Big Pooh
16 "Minstrel Show Closing Theme" 9th Wonder YahZarah
Chris Hardwick
  • "No Stronger Love" by The Floaters
17 "We Got Now" 9th Wonder Rapper Big Pooh
(*) indicates the Performer contributed Additional Background Vocals to the track.

Album samples songwriting credits

Information is based on the album’s Liner Notes[4]
Welcome to the Minstrel Show and Minstrel Show Closing Theme
Beautiful Morning
The Becoming
  • "Circles" as performed by Rufus & Chaka Khan[5]; written by Tim Dulaine (aka Tony Dulaine)
Not Enough
Hiding Place
Slow It Down
  • "Slow Dance" as performed by David Ruffin[7]; written by C. Curtis Gadson, Rosslyn Sanders and Rollin Sanders
Say It Again
  • "Do Something Special (For Your Lady)" as performed by Five Special; written by Jerry Q. Jones and Ron Banks
Lovin' It
  • "One Night Affair" as performed by The Stylistics; written by Teddy Randazzo, Roger Joyce and Victoria Pike
All for You
Watch Me
Sincerely Yours
Hold On (Tellin' Me) (B-Side of "Lovin' It" single)
  • "Sitting On The Edge Of My Mind" as performed by Jermaine Jackson; written by Garfield, Fletcher, O'Hara and O'Hara

DE AFARĂ: 9th Wonder - The Wonder Years (2011)

The Wonder Years a fost lansat în data de 27 septembrie 2011, prin propriul label It's A Wonderful World Music Group.

Track listing

Standard edition

1."Make It Big (Intro)"Khrysis & 9thmatic5:14
2."Band Practice Pt. 2"Phonte1:59
3."Enjoy (West Coastin')"Warren G, Murs & Kendrick Lamar3:23
4."Streets of Music"Tanya Morgan & Enigma of Actual Proof3:06
5."Hearing the Melody"Fashawn, King Mez & Skyzoo4:04
6."Loyalty"Masta Killa & Halo4:15
7."Now I'm Being Cool"MeLa Machinko & Median4:09
8."Never Stop Loving You"Terrace Martin & Talib Kweli4:00
9."Piranhas"Sene & Sundown of Actual Proof3:19
10."Peanut Butter & Jelly"Marsha Ambrosius4:04
11."One Night"Terrace Martin, Phonte & Bird and The Midnight Falcons4:22
12."Your Smile"Holly Weerd & Thee Tom Hardy3:49
13."No Pretending"Raekwon & Big Remo4:00
14."20 Feet Tall (Remix)"Erykah Badu & Rapsody4:20
15."That's Love"Heather Victoria & Mac Miller3:38
16."A Star U R"GQ, Terrace Martin, and Problem4:19

iTunes deluxe edition

  1. "Make It Big (Remix)" featuring Big Remo & Kryhsis
  2. "Band Practice Pt. 2" featuring Phonte and Median
  3. "Enjoy" featuring Warren G, Murs and Kendrick Lamar
  4. "Streets of Music" featuring Tanya Morgan and Enigma of Actual Proof
  5. "Hearing the Melody" featuring Fashawn, King Mez and Skyzoo
  6. "Loyalty" featuring Masta Killa and Halo
  7. "Now I'm Being Cool" featuring MeLa Machinko and King Mez
  8. "Never Stop Loving You" featuring Terrace Martin and Talib Kweli
  9. "Piranhas" featuring Blu and Sundown of Actual Proof
  10. "Peanut Butter & Jelly" featuring Marsha Ambrosius
  11. "One Night" featuring Terrace Martin, Phonte, and Bird and The Midnight Falcons
  12. "Your Smile" featuring Holly Weerd and Thee Tom Hardy
  13. "No Pretending" featuring Raekwon and Big Remo
  14. "20 Feet Tall" featuring Erykah Badu and Rapsody
  15. "That's Love" featuring Mac Miller and Heather Victoria
  16. "A Star U R" featuring GQ, Terrace Martin, & Problem
  17. "Band Practice" featuring Phonte
  18. "Me and My Nuh" featuring Teedra Moses
  19. "Base For Your Face" featuring Lil B, Jean Grae and Phonte

Ortega x Flou Rege - Timpul

Versuri/Voce: Flou Rege Instrumental/Mix/Master: Ortega Artwork: @komasinistro Flou Rege: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/FlouRege... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FlouRegeOfic... Instagram: @flou.rege

Cazacov cu Mr. Levy - Astept (Produsă de JahMerther)

"Aștept" este o piesa extrasă de pe albumul Complicatii in colaborare cu Mr. Levy si Jah Merther. Albumul este aproape de final. Contact http://www.fb.com/cazacovranceanu https://www.instagram.com/cazacovbro/ videoclip: TGD Film text/interpretare: Cazacov/Mr. Levy Instrumental: JahMerther rec/mix/master: Andrei Chițu (Anormal Studio)

Neph - Sunt făcut pentru a scrie (Produsă de SSM Beats)

Versuri, interpretare: NEPH
Instrumental: SSM BEATS
Producție adițională: COZO
Artwork: COZO
Înregistrată, mixată, masterizată la SPLASH MEDIA

DE AFARĂ: Killa Kyleon - Lorraine Motel (2017)

Mixtape-ul Lorraine Motel a fost lansat în data de 4 aprilie 2017, prin RBC Records.


1 I AIn't Standing (Intro)
Producer – Chris Rockaway
2 New Slave 3:02
3 Ghetto Experiment
Featuring – Rich Andruws
4 What Do You See
Featuring – Jack Freeman (3)Producer – Chris Rockaway
5 Killing Over Jays
Producer – Cory Mo
6 Trust Me
Featuring – Lil BrentProducer – Shadow Black
7 Mind Of A King
Featuring – Scotty ATL
8 Skin Is My Sin 2:51
9 Change Gone Come 3:17
10 Stong Black Woman 3:40
11 Baby Girl
Featuring – Jack Freeman (3)
12 Redemption 3:59
13 Toast For The Real 3:11
14 N****z 3:29
15 Cinderella Story
Producer – Shadow Black
16 Freedom Ain't Free 3:14