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Title: Interviu Snowgoons (Exclusiv) (10 februarie 2012)
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Cum deja v-am obișnuit și în trecut, un nou album Snowgoons vine împreună cu un interviu în exclusivitate pentru www.hiphopdinromania.org . ...

Cum deja v-am obișnuit și în trecut, un nou album Snowgoons vine împreună cu un interviu în exclusivitate pentru www.hiphopdinromania.org. Dj Illegal de la Snowgoons răspunde în numele trupei la întrebările mele despre noul album “Terrorist Volk” ce va fi lansat în data de 16 martie 2012, despre albumul în colaborare cu M.O.P. “Sparta”, despre albumele ce urmează să fie lansate anul acesta și despre ACTA și SOPA care preocupă în momentul de față pe toți utilizatorii de internet.

Eladio: Wassup Goons? Welcome back AGAIN to www.hiphopdinromania.org.
Dj Illegal (Snowgoons): Peace

Eladio: It’s the second time that you down with www.hiphopdinromania.org. Did you feel the feedback from the romanian peoples?

Dj Illegal (Snowgoons):Yeah we still got a lot of fans in romania and i also still have a couple of good friends there. I would like to come back to romania this year and maybe its gonna work out.

Eladio: We got some problems with the english the last time, hope that they will forgive us.

Dj Illegal (Snowgoons): Its all love. Hip Hop is our universal language.

Eladio: Been doing a lot since the last time. I heard that Sicknature from Denmark and J.S. Kuster from Germany joined the Snowgoons team. How’s the chemistry?

sgdjs1Dj Illegal (Snowgoons):Thats right and its better then ever. We was already working with both since the Black Snow album and on

one point you just realize it makes sence to put everything together. So we are a very strong team right now cause both Sicknature and also Kuster are very talented.


Eladio: Kraftwerk rocked the shit out. How the sales and downloads went?

Dj Illegal (Snowgoons):Honestly i don't have any numbers and i also care less about those numbers. I do care about the feedback and that has been crazy dope for us. We put it to the next level with this album not only production wise also with the artists. It was a honor to work with people like Beenie Man or also doing a track with Ill Bill & Sabac Red from NonPhixion. Stuff like that is more worth to me personal then any sells.


Eladio: The last year was released The Iron Fist with Savage Brothers & Lord Lhus. Tell us something about that project.


Dj Illegal (Snowgoons): The Iron Fist was a follow up album to A Fist In The Thought and the whole idea was more about getting

all our producer friends in the boat too. We just had like 4 beats on the album as well Kuster had one beat on the album before he was actually official in the crew. We as the Snowgoons just executive produced the album. The whole concept is just raw rap. People that like hardcore Hip Hop will love it.


Eladio: Another project last year was with Reef The Lost Cause. The album “Your favorite MC” has featuring with Slain and Esoteric, Jus Allah & Sicknature and maximum ratings on internet.

The-Lost-CauzeDj Illegal (Snowgoons): We are very proud of this album. Since we was working with Reef on our first album German Lugers we wanted to do a whole album with Reef and now it finally worked out. The chemistry is just crazy and we are more then a crew that just doing music together. We are all friends and thats what the first song on the album is about. Brotherhood!

Eladio: What about “Sparta”? 2 ill mc’s (Billy Danze and Lil Fame) and dope beats were the formula.

Dj Illegal (Snowgoons): Exactly, there is almost nobody harder then MOP. They have been hardcore since the first record and it was

a real honor to do a whole album with this legendary crew. Also the feedback from the album is just crazy. DJ Premier was giving us a shout out and listed the Sparta album in his personal top list on the 3rd place.

I cant tell you how good that felt. If you love Hip Hop like i do then you know that respect like this makes it all

worth. But Billy and Fame are real cool people too so we decided to do a european Sparta tour. Hopefully we will have a stop in Romania too.


Eladio: Mark Lelinwalla on his review rated “L” the album for XXL Magazine (http://www.xxlmag.com/reviews/2011/11/m-o-p-sparta/). Isn’t that underrated?

Dj Illegal (Snowgoons):Well everybody got a different taste and i respect every critics but just from a point for MOP i think it is underrated. For MOP coming back with a strong album like this should have been getting a bit more credit.

I feel confident to say we did a good job with the MOP album.


Eladio: Let’s talk about the future. Terroristen Volk , your new album is coming in March. Can you tell us something about this new album?

Snowgoons_CoverDj Illegal (Snowgoons):This is our first german album we doing. It was exciting and many people was waiting for a german album since we are from germany. For us it just had never felt right to do a german album till now. The whole album is about our society and whats going on in the world. We didnt wanted to do a regular album like most of the german albums are right now. Its all about battle or gangster shit now and we are tired of that kind of stuff.

Most songs on the album are really deep and some people will not get it the first round. The production is like always heavy hard hitting beats but you can hear some different stuff too. We just just dropped a new video today for this album and the song is some kind of double time beat. The response has been very positive on this album already.

Eladio: Why “Terroristen Volk”?

Dj Illegal (Snowgoons):Terroristen Volk means for us that WE the people in germany get treated like terrorists. They watching us with cameras, keep track of our internet use and all that. It might sound a little bit paranoid but we just wanted to point it out and make clear we not going to take everything as it is.

Eladio: You got a new video on YouTube with Pay. Tell us something about the video.

Dj Illegal (Snowgoons):Right like i said before it has a double time beat and Pay got some really good lyrics about money. Pay is serving this song so well cause he is just a regular street kid so his authentic but same time he really saying some smart rhymes. Also the video was made by the same people from Fame Fabrik that did the video to Reefs Black Opz and also to Reefs This Is Where The Fun Stops. We glad we can work with talented people over and over again.


Eladio: We got allot of projects for 2012. I heard about Snowgoons Dynasty this spring, then Snowgoons vs. Krush Unit album (featuring Krush Unit), this summer Welcome to The Goondox (feat. PMD & Sean Strange), then CoVirt Operations (featuring Virtuoso) + Trapped in America (Bonus Album) (featuring NBS), and an album with A.G... A lot of work!

Dj Illegal (Snowgoons):Yeah it is. But also some of this material like the Krush Unit and the NBS albums are already done and we couldn't release it yet cause last year we was working on the Reef and MOP albums. We just got a crazy output at the moment and we stay really productive. As long as the quality is not going down we cool with that. We just sleep less and stay always busy.


Eladio: What you think about ACTA and SOPA?

Dj Illegal (Snowgoons):Real talk i cant say that i like it but i see it different then many others. i think we need some kind of police for the internet. not only  for the copyrights also for all the illegal stuff like Porn and that. I also think that most people

includes my self spent to much time on the internet. I grow up in the 90s without internet and i cant say at all it was bad to not have internet.


Eladio: Thanks again for your time. Do you have a message for www.hiphopdinromania.org readers?

Dj Illegal (Snowgoons):Yessir! Always support that real hip hop. Im not gonna tell you what you need to listen or what not but respect the culture and keep it alive. 


Interviu realizat de Carnariu “wutanghiddenmember” Eladio via mail în data de 10 februarie 2010.














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