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Hello there bro DAZZIE DEE aka BIG SACCS my name is Goldie Bones i dont need no presentation for you, i represent HipHopDinRomania.ORG webs...
Hello there bro DAZZIE DEE aka BIG SACCS my name is Goldie Bones i dont need no presentation for you, i represent HipHopDinRomania.ORG website and also i am a , we are a website that is based on hip-hop promoting artists from our country (ROMANIA) and from others too,i know damn well the fact that you are one of the biggest artists when it comes to the underground gangsta g-funk from back in the dayz,and im honored to give you this interview,lets talk about your life and the main fact, your music and you as a vet in this game:

1. First of all lets talk about what is all about your name "DAZZIE DEE", what stands for this name?

ANSWER: When I first started rapping my name was D-Roc-Ski & when I got to Jr High I changed it to Dazziling Dee lol… Bout time I got to High School I started going by Dazzie Dee.

2. What city and hood do you claim and wheres your place of birth?

ANSWER: South Central Los Angeles homie… I'm from out the hundreds… 07 UGC/BC…

3. How was your childhood and what influenced you to make it in the rap game?

ANSWER: It was bomb… I had both parents growing up so life was gravy meaning I had a fun ass childhood… My cousin "Coochie Dee" had this record by Jimmy Spencer called "Super Rhymes" and I played that record at least a 1000 times! That made me want to rap.

4. I know that you have been collaborating with many artists tell us a few major names that you have collaborated with?

ANSWER: Ice Cube, King Tee, Smokey Robinson, George Clinton, CMW, Kool G Rap, Toddy Tee, Mix Master Spade, Suga Free, Mausberg (RIP) my nigga K-Dee… too many to name homie…

5. What things motivates you the most as an artist ?

ANSWER: Originality… & Dope Beats… I hate the state of rap right now cause dam near EVERYONE sounds the same… People may not like my style but by the end of the day I don't sound or flow like anyone else in the game & I love the fucc outta that…

6. Who are your favorite artists and what's your favorite album ?

ANSWER: Past: Ice Cube, Tupac, Scarface, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, KRS One, Biggie Smallz, Toddy Tee, King Tee & Mixmaster Spade… Present: Problem, & Kendrick Lamar… Album wise too many to name… but off the top of my head Amerikka's Most Wanted, Triflin Album, All Eyez On Me, Uncle Sam's Curse, It's a Compton Thang, The Chronic & Where's My Receipt?

7. What do you think about the rap game these days?

ANSWER: Thank God for Independant Artist & Underground Hip Hop!

8. You have a favorite group's these dayz or rappers that you like, and if so tell us who are they?

ANSWER: Kendrick Lamar, Problem & Big K.R.I.T. Young Giantz & Young Dazzie.

9. What is your favorite rap/song at the moment ?

ANSWER: This new record I just recorded with Big Sono called "So West" produced by Docc Free… the vibe feels good as fucc… Cali Chyt!!!

10. How do u consider your first album "Where's My Receipt?"  in the Westcoast g-funk area?

ANSWER: A Classic… Battlecat at his best,  he held down the entire album.

11. Tell us about your latest collaboration that you like the most and hit us whit the latest news about your upcoming projects and also about the 7th letter album that's coming soon?

ANSWER: The Big Sono "So West" The 7th Letter features have George Clinton, Smokey Robinson, South Central Cartel, King Tee, Bookie Loc, K-Dee, West Coast Stone, The Front Liners & introducing the homie Young Dazzie… I also have 2 EP's Loc'stradamus with a gang of features… It's actually all features… artist I've always respected or wanted to work with like Tha Liks, Akil Jurrasic 5, Toddy Tee, Slip Capone, Nikki Dee, Yo-Yo & a few more artist… ALso have a EP with Young Dazzie that's gon be off the chain.

12. Why did you name the album "The 7th letter" ?

ANSWER: G is the 7th Letter in the alphabet… Nuff Said.

13. Tell us about your first appereance/tape or vinyl of DAZZIE DEE and the time it was released?

ANSWER: It was the first time I went into the studio to record professionally… It was produced by Sir Jinx & Dr.Dre with scratches from my homeboy DJ Mike T from Compton's Most Wanted… Only feature I had was Michelle… It was released by the dude that owned the famous VIP Records in Long beach… Calvin Anderson…

14. What do you think is the most important thing as a vet to tell to the new artists in the game, a thought, what they can learn from you as a old school rapper?

ANSWER: Study ur craft, be original & please do it for the LOVE of music NOT the fame/money cause this game is fickle and if you sticc to ur craft you will gain fans.

15. Which big producers do you collaborate with these days, name a few?

ANSWER: No big name producers just DOPE Ones… Docc Free, Dogg Master & DAC Beats… Them dudes are incredible… also a raw as producer name Slag Dog.

16. How is your latest video?

ANSWER: It's dope… It's a single I teased ya'll with featuring my nigga K-Dee from the Lench Mob… we shot the last scene a week or so ago… Directed by Daniel E. Hodge & edited by the homie Graham Smith… Excited to see the outcome… Also shooting a video in a few weeks for my next single called "Not About Dat Lyfe"

17. How is your relationships with your old homies from back in the days, Ice Cube,K-Dee,Toddy Tee,Dr.Dre,Battlecat,KAM and other this days?

ANSWER: No bad blood all love… I'm blessed cause my homies I've started out with still remain my homies… Whatever or Whenever they need me I'm here.

18. Who is the man that makes your graphics for the new album and other stuff?

ANSWER: I have a few graphic designers that I work with cause I love and respect their work… J Locc, Graham, Killa Kroc & Goldie Bones (

19.How do u see the LENCH MOB DAYs & NWA era?

ANSWER: I loved it… The golden era for West Coast and Rap period… Very blessed to be part of those crews… We are the foundation for Gansta Rap… hence another reason for the title of my new album.

20. Which artist or group did you wanted collaborate with in this rap game ?

ANSWER: Most of my West Coast Homies & a few of my East Coast homies… I'm always down.

21. Where can people listen and buy your music and where can they can find you ?

ANSWER: The older stuff they can go on YouTube or buy "Where's My Receipt?" from me directly and I'll personally autograph it for them… The new album will hit digitally first then hard copies.

22. I  feel  honored to have  talked  with you in  this interview and i'm waiting for  some new  news about DAZZIE DEE, stay tuned and be blessed OG ! PEACE!

ANSWER: Thanks for the love homie and West Da Fucc Up!!!

                                                                                           Big Saccs aka Dazzie Dee

Down here u have a youtube link/video of the upcoming "7th letter album" trailer of Dazzie Dee, check it out:


& overhere you can watch the teaser trailer of the video "All Da Time" featuring K-Dee and  from his upcoming album "DAZZIE DEE - THE 7TH LETTER" :

For those that dont know this is DAZZIE DEE's classical album "Where's My Receipt?" cover from back in the days:




interview by : ( urban street writer & graphic designer )

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