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Title: DE AFARĂ: Ghostface Killah - 36 Seasons (2014)
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  36 Seasons este cel de-al 11-lea album solo al lui Ghostface Killah și a fost lansat în data de 9 decembrie 2014, prin Tommy Boy Records ...
36 Seasons este cel de-al 11-lea album solo al lui Ghostface Killah și a fost lansat în data de 9 decembrie 2014, prin Tommy Boy Records.


Ghostface Killah is slated to release his 36 Seasons album December 9 on Salvation Music/Tommy Boy music.
Get On Down will be the only retail outlet selling the album in vinyl format until January 2015, information being released exclusively through HipHopDX.
36 Seasons features Ghostface Killah following a storyline.
"Tony Starks returns to Staten Island after nine years, like a man returning home from a war,” according to a press release. "He wants the company of old friends, to reunite with his girl, to live a quiet life. But New York has other plans for him."
The project features production from The Revelations and guest appearances from Kool G. Rap, Pharoahe Monch, AZ, Kandace Springs, Rell and Tre Williams.
Get On Down is also slated to sell a CD version bundle that comes with the album’s instrumentals; an exclusive 11”x17” ‘Movie’ poster; a vinyl LP of the album; a 24 page “graphic novel”  booklet curated by the team that created 2013’s Twelve Reasons To Die graphic novel mini-series; a CD, including vocal album and instrumentals; and an exclusive 36 Seasons T-shirt.
“As fans first, we are super excited to team up with GFK for 36 Seasons and to be able to be the exclusive, and reliable, direct-to-consumer seller of the vinyl LP and the deluxe bundle,” Get On Down’s Papa D says in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. "The project is amazing and the tale he tells is just bananas…Not only does Ghost kill it, but AZ, G Rap, Monch and everyone else that played a part really stepped up and created dope characters and a strong story. We are glad Get On Down gets to feed his, and our, fans directly with all of these dope pieces, especially the booklet and poster, which showcase the incredible art direction.  It’s a complete package and we think the fans will love it.”
The 36 Seasons CD bundle packaging, cover art and tracklist are as follows:

Track listing

No. Title Producer(s)[17] Length
1. "The Battlefield" (featuring AZ, Kool G Rap & Tre Williams) Fizzy Womack, The Revelations 3:46
2. "Love Don’t Live Here No More" (featuring Kandace Springs) Malik Abdul-Rahmaan, The Revelations 3:48
3. "Here I Go Again" (featuring AZ & Rell) Fizzy Womack, The Revelations 3:28
4. "Loyalty" (performed by Kool G Rap & Nems) The Revelations 1:57
5. "It's a Thin Line Between Love and Hate" (performed by The Revelations) The Revelations 3:59
6. "The Dogs of War" (featuring Shawn Wigs & Kool G Rap) The Revelations 3:48
7. "Emergency Procedure" (featuring Pharoahe Monch) The Revelations 2:42
8. "Double Cross" (featuring AZ) The Revelations 2:20
9. "Bamboo’s Lament" (performed by Kandace Springs) Malik Abdul-Rahmaan, The Revelations 1:57
10. "Pieces to the Puzzle" (featuring AZ) The Revelations 2:35
11. "Homicide" (featuring Nems & Shawn Wigs) Malik Abdul-Rahmaan, The Revelations 3:21
12. "Blood in the Streets" (featuring AZ) The 45 King, The Revelations 2:03
13. "Call My Name"   The Revelations 2:11
14. "I Love You For All Seasons" (performed by The Revelations) The Revelations 2:20

Ghostface Killah cu Pharoahe Monch - Emergency Procedure (Videoclip)



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