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Title: DE AFARĂ: DMX - Redemption of The Beast (2015)
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Redemption of the Beast este cel de-al 8-lea album al lui DMX și a fost lansat în data de 13 ianuarie 2015, prin Seven Arts Music. Album...

Redemption of the Beast este cel de-al 8-lea album al lui DMX și a fost lansat în data de 13 ianuarie 2015, prin Seven Arts Music. Albumul nu este recunoscut de DMX. Fratele (și managerul lui DMX) declara:

Seven Arts Entertainment had no right to put out a new album. The only contract DMX had was for Undisputed & that came out two years ago. He don’t have a contract with them to release another album. You can't just put somebody's album out without permission. X only had a contract with them for one album & that album already came out a long time ago. If they wanted to come out with another album, they had to come to the table. That's why we sent a cease & desist letter. Some of the songs are from the Undisputed album & there's three extra songs that he recorded that were not on the Undisputed album that they just put on that album. That's what they did. We don’t even know where he got that picture on the cover from. It boils down to they have no rights to whip out that new album. His contract is over. He gave ‘em the first album. The owner called me said he's stuck with a couple albums. He wants to push them out. He needed our help, so he had to sit at the table with us & he never did that. He decided to take it upon himself to do what the fuck he did. He was supposed to take care of some business with me & he took it upon himself not to do it, so he's gonna have a lot of problems if he does. He's already got problems.
— Montana

(AllHipHop News) The cover art and tracklist for a supposed new DMX album began to circulate on the internet this week, but Ruff Ryders fans should not get excited just yet. The Dark Man’s producing partner Swizz Beatz took to Instagram to make it clear the reported Redemption Of The Beast album is not an official DMX project.
Swizz wrote:
I see a lot of people hitting me about this album!!! I can tell you 100% this is not the album X and I are working on!!!! (I feel like Timbo with the Aaliyah movie rite now) SMH !!!!!! #DontdisrespecttheDog We Got Fire coming

When the DOG come back you will know 100% !!!!!! Stop the B.S fake albums!!!!!!!! Fyi We Cooking Fire

I see a lot of rapper but I know only 1 X!!!!!!!#nofakealbums We Got Fire⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ #brothers4Life!!!!!!!!!! @DMX

DMX backed up Swizz’s statements on his own IG page.

This is the second time in as many weeks that X has been the victim of a fraud news story about him. The “satirical” website Infossip recently posted a fake article claiming the New York rapper was arrested for dog fighting.

Urmează să fie lansat în data de 13 ianuarie 2015, prin Seven Arts Music cel de-al 8-lea album al lui DMX, intitulat “Redemption of the Beast”.
O anteprimă de 30 de secunde din fiecare piesă este disponibilă pe Amazon.
On January 13, DMX will release his eighth studio album, Redemption of the Beast. The follow-up to 2012’s Undisputed will be available at iTunes, Amazon, and physical retailers via indie label Seven Arts Music.
The 16 tracks, which can be previewed on Amazon, include the single “It’s Goin’ Down,” with appearances from Freeway, Rampage, and Jannyce.
According to a press release, you can expect to hear “X’s signature heavy-hitting, fast-paced lyrics, classic Ruff Ryder beats, and moments of reflection on his experience in the rap game.”
DMX can also be seen playing himself in Chris Rock’s comedy Top Five, while his 1998 hit “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” is featured on the film’s soundtrack.

Track listing

# Title Producer(s) Featured guest(s) Length
1 "Spit That Shit" Divine Bars
2 "Built Like A Bitch"

3 "On And On" Divine Bars
4 "Get Up And Try Again" Divine Bars
5 "Solid" Elicit Rampage 3:41
6 "I'm Gonna Win" Divine Bars
7 "It's A Problem" Divine Bars Kashmir & Big Stan 3:15
8 "It's Goin' Down" Divine Bars
9 "Shout It"

10 "One More Night" Dame Grease
11 "56 Bars" Swizz Beatz Swizz Beatz 2:19
12 "Where You Been" Dame Grease Freeway 3:08
13 "Right Or Wrong"
Jannyce 3:40
14 "Gonna Get Mine" Dame Grease
15 "We Gonna Make It" (vocals from "It's A Problem")
Bazaar Royale, Kashmir & Stan Spit (does not feature DMX) 4:12
16 "Love That Bitch" Divine Bars Jannyce 3:12


The controversy surrounding this release continues to raise more questions than answers, leading to our decision to not give a rating.

HipHopDX has decided not to give Redemption of The Beast an actual score due to DMX and his management team’s opposition to its release. Details on the legal issues between Seven Arts Entertainment and X are forthcoming. With that in mind, we’ve decided to give those still interested in purchasing the album currently available digitally from various outlets an honest critique of the product itself as released by the media company.
“It’s all good, no stops, no breaks, one drop, one take,” barks DMX on Redemption of The Beast intro “Spit That Shit.” Setting the tone for a project composed of unreleased material, one should know exactly what to expect here. Something that’s so raw, there’s a lack of polish. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense why the Yonkers emcee wanted to distance himself from the project according to recent news. Therefore, the blame for this abomination isn’t solely X’s. Accountability lies with controversial media company Seven Arts Entertainment. For those uninformed, the outlet’s record label arm released the universally panned Undisputed as part of a deal involving master recording acquisitions from both X and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s catalogue. That album was an average yet noble attempt at a failed comeback when let loose upon the world nearly three years ago. Redemption of The Beast gives the impression of either purposely scrapped material from Undisputed or unfinished sessions that’ll never see its true potential. Regardless, the album overwhelmingly feels like a quick cash-in that neither X, his management team nor frequent Ruff Ryder collaborator Swizz Beatz want to associate themselves with.
Who could blame them?
Redemption of The Beast is spoiled past its expiration date. Between the usual woofs, growls and drug induced babel, Earl Simmons treads the same exact water he’s known for since It’s Dark and Hell is Hot. There isn’t a better example than “Built Like A Bitch” and “Solid” featuring Ram-Page. Those visceral bars that once felt vicious, lose their bite too often, unfortunately. To be specific, some come off unintentionally comical. Things get progressively worse whenever X tries his hand at singing hooks. For some reason, he fails to understand that viral renditions of “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” or Charlie Chaplin's “Smile” don’t necessarily grant permission for cringeworthy vocals. No matter how aspirational “Get Up and Try Again,” “Shout It” and “I’m Gonna Win” sounds, it feels like an uncomfortable sonic equivalent to shower karaoke.  Redemption of The Beast lends itself to incredibly outdated production running from early 2000 era boom-bap to horrid rock inspired “We Gonna Make It” and “It’s A Problem.” Adding to those soggy beats are imbalances between vocals and instrumentals which assumingly could make bad mixing the culprit. Ironically, original Undisputed track “Love That Bitch” is shows up again through a “remastered” version.
Swizz Beatz’s only production makes one thankful for an era of 99cent downloads as “56 Bars” is the perfect appetizer for whatever those two current have cooking. That leads into Redemption of The Beast’s second best moment “Where You Been” featuring Freeway. Despite those horribly sung vocals, it’s entertaining enough to be the closest X will probably get to “Party Up” part deux; plus, samples of Herman Kelly & Life’s “Dance to the Drummer’s Beat” never gets old.
There’s cliched quote proclaiming things getting worse before turning around for the better. Redemption of The Beast is an unfortunate addition to DMX’s legacy. The project is a compilation that really shouldn’t have seen the light of day. Sadly, it has anyway. Only the unshaken DMX fan will gain enjoyment in it. Everyone else is better off waiting for the “real” project he has coming with Swizzy.

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