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Title: DE AFARĂ: Lupe Fiasco - Tetsuo & Youth (2015)
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“Tetsuo & Youth”este cel de-al 5-lea album al lui Lupe Fiasco și a fost lansat în data de 20 ianuarie 2015 prin Atlantic Records , 1st...

“Tetsuo & Youth”este cel de-al 5-lea album al lui Lupe Fiasco și a fost lansat în data de 20 ianuarie 2015 prin Atlantic Records, 1st & 15th Entertainment.
On February 10, 2013, on the red carpet for the Grammy Awards, Lupe announced his 5th studio album would be titled Tetsuo & Youth. LupEND (blog for Lupe Fiasco fans) confirmed on his Tumblr account that features on his album would include Rick Ross, Big K.R.I.T., Chance the Rapper, Ab-Soul, Ed Sheeran, and Ty Dolla Sign among many others.[2]
Fiasco said in an interview with Rolling Stone on October 25 that Tetsuo & Youth's lyrical content was partially inspired by his upbringing in Chicago's crime-ridden Westside: "The content of it is like, 'Oh, shit, I didn't know Lupe could talk like that. I didn't know Lupe knew that guy. I didn't know Lupe was affiliated with that.'" In the same interview, Lupe cleared up rumors and stated that he did not name his album after Japanese manga series Akira character Tetsuo Shima. However, Lupe does admit to being loosely inspired by the biker-gang member. "For me, Tetsuo sounds cool" he stated

Track listing

Nr. Titlu Compozitor Producător(i) Durata
1. "Summer"  1:26
2. "Mural"  Wasalu Jaco, S. Johnson, Kyle Davidson, D. Hampton, Alain Milon The Buchanans 8:48
3. "Blur My Hands" (featuring Guy Sebastian) Jaco, Larry Griffin Jr., Mark London S1, M-Phazes 5:27
4. "Dots & Lines"  Jaco, Simon Morel Lupe Fiasco, DJ Simonsayz, JackLNDN 6:32
5. "Fall"  1:13
6. "Prisoner 1 & 2" (featuring Ayesha Jaco) Jaco, Maurice Thomas MoeZ'art 8:36
7. "Body of Work" (featuring Troi & Terrace Martin) Jaco, L. Griffin Jr., J. Griffin S1, Vohn Beatz 5:53
8. "Little Death" (featuring Nikki Jean) Jaco, L. Griffin Jr., J. Griffin S1, Vohn Beatz 4:29
9. "No Scratches" (featuring Nikki Jean) Jaco, Morel, Robert Kelly DJ Simonsayz 4:22
10. "Winter"  1:31
11. "Chopper" (featuring Billy Blue, Buk of Psychodrama, Trouble, Trae tha Truth, Fam-Lay, & Glasses Malone) Jaco, Dacoury Natche, Frank Dukes, Jeffery Robinson, Mariel Orr, Frazier Thompson, Nathaniel Johnson, Charles Penniman DJ Dahi 9:32
12. "Deliver" (additional vocals by Ty Dolla $ign) Jaco, Tyrone Griffin, M. Thomas, P. Jones MoeZ'art, Marcus Stephens 3:52
13. "Madonna (And Other Mothers In The Hood)" (featuring Nikki Jean) Jaco, Natche DJ Dahi 4:43
14. "Adoration of the Magi" (featuring Crystal Torres) Jaco. Natche DJ Dahi 5:06
15. "They.Resurrect.Over.New" (featuring Ab-Soul & Troi) Jaco, Natche, Herbert Stevens, M. Tucker DJ Dahi, Blood Diamonds 5:38
16. "Spring"  1:35
  • "Dots & Lines" contains background vocals from Nikki Jean
  • "Prisoner 1 & 2" contains background vocals from Nikki Jean
  • "Body of Work" contains background vocals from Marisol
  • "Deliver" contains background vocals from PJ and Ty Dolla Sign
Sample credits
  • "Mural" contains elements of "Chanson d'Un Jour d'Hiver" as performed by Alain Mion & Cortex
  • "No Scratches" contains a sample of "You Remind Me of Something" performed by R. Kelly

Lupe Fiasco – Deliver

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