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Title: DE AFARĂ: 2pac - Until the End of Time (2001)
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Until the End of Time este cel de-al 3-lea album lansat după moartea lui 2pac, albumul fiind o colecție de piese și remixuri din perioada î...
Until the End of Time este cel de-al 3-lea album lansat după moartea lui 2pac, albumul fiind o colecție de piese și remixuri din perioada în care se numea Makaveli. A fost lansat în data de 27 martie 2001, prin Amaru, Death Row, Interscope și a fost cel mai bine vândut album hip-hop din 2001. S-au vândut 427,000 unități în prima săptămână, 2,220,589 unități până în 2011 în SUA, iar în data de 10 iunie 2014 fost certificat cu 4 discuri de platină de RIAA.

Track listing

Disc One

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "Ballad of a Dead Soulja"  Remix by Cold 187um Original by Johnny "J" 4:15
2. "Fuck Friendz" (featuring Tiffany Villarreal) QDIII 5:19
3. "Lil' Homies"  Johnny "J" 3:43
4. "Let Em Have It" (featuring SKG & Honey) L.T. Hutton 4:53
5. "Good Life" (featuring Big Syke & E.D.I.) Mike Mosley 4:17
6. "Letter 2 My Unborn" (featuring Anthem & Tena Jones) Remix by Trackmasters Original by Johnny "J" 3:55
7. "Breathin'" (featuring Outlawz) Johnny "J" 4:04
8. "Happy Home" (featuring Yusef Sharid, Barbara Wilson & Tracy Hardin) Remix by JIM GITTUM, Daren Vegas & Crooked I Original by Johnny "J" 3:56
9. "All Out" (featuring Outlawz) Big Simon Says 5:32
10. "Fuckin' wit' the Wrong Nigga"  Hurt-M-Badd 3:37
11. "Thug N U Thug N Me" (Remix) (featuring K-Ci & JoJo) Johnny "J" 4:11
12. "Everything They Owe" (featuring Timothy) Johnny "J" 3:07
13. "Until the End of Time" (featuring R.L. Huggar of Next, back vocals by Anthem) Remix by Trackmasters Original by Johnny "J" 4:26
14. "M.O.B." (featuring Outlawz & Thug Life) Remix by Ant Banks Original by Kurt Couthan 5:01
15. "World Wide Mob Figgaz" (featuring Outlawz & Ta'he) Johnny "J" 4:37

Disc Two

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "Big Syke Interlude" (featuring Big Syke) Cold 187um 1:45
2. "My Closest Roaddogz" (featuring Shiro & Timothy) Johnny "J" 4:04
3. "Niggaz Nature" (Remix) (featuring Lil' Mo) QDIII 5:04
4. "When Thugz Cry" (featuring Nanci Fletcher) Johnny "J" 4:22
5. "U Don't Have 2 Worry" (featuring Outlawz) QDIII 5:07
6. "This Ain't Livin'" (featuring Vanessa) Johnny "J" 3:41
7. "Why U Turn on Me"  Remix by JIM GITTUM, Darren Vegas & Crooked I Original by 2Pac 3:32
8. "LastOnesLeft" (featuring Napoleon (rapper) and Kastro) Johnny "J" 3:59
9. "Thug N U Thug N Me" (featuring K-Ci & JoJo) Johnny "J" 4:29
10. "Words 2 My First Born" (featuring Above the Law) DJ Quik 4:07
11. "Let Em Have It" (Remix) (featuring Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes) L.T. Hutton 4:25
12. "Runnin' on E" (featuring Outlawz) 2Pac 5:37
13. "When I Get Free" (featuring J. Valentine) Remix by Cold 187um, SR. Shakur Original by Johnny "J" 4:30
14. "Until the End of Time (Remix)" (featuring Richard Page, back vocals by R.L. Huggar & Anthem) Johnny "J" & Franky "Nitty" Pimentel 4:27
Unused Tracks
  • Komradz (Johnny J Remix), featuring The Outlawz - unused original from "All Eyez On Me".
  • Watch Ya' Mouth (QDIII Remix) - unused original from "The Don Killumiinati: The 7Day Theory".
  • Fade Me (Johnny J Remix) - unused original of, All Eyez On Me"
  • Until The End Of Time (Johnny J Remix) featuring Jon B
  • Still Ballin' (Johnny J Remix) featuring Napoleon & Young Noble - Later remixed again in Better Dayz album (2002)
  • Everything They Owe (On-Beat Johnny J Remake)
  • Letter To My Unborn Child (Johnny J Remix) - unused original from, All Eyez On Me"
  • Thug N Me Thug N U (Johnny J Remix)
  • World Wide Mob Figgaz (Additional Chorus) featuring The Outlawz
  • Ballad Of The Dead Soulja (Johnny J Remix)
  • Ballad Of The Dead Soulja (Alternative Remix) featuring 6 Feet Deep

2Pac_-_Letter_2_My_Unborn2Pac - Letter 2 My Unborn (Videoclip)

"Letter 2 My Unborn" is a song by Tupac Shakur, released as a posthumous single from his album Until the End of Time in 2001. The accompanying music video received moderate airplay though it was less successful than the lead single from the album, the title track.
In the song Tupac speaks to his hypothetical unborn child, relating stories of his own life and advising the child to avoid the troubles that he himself has faced.
The song samples Michael Jackson's 1989 hit "Liberian Girl" (from Bad, 1987), but is set at a higher tempo and features a female vocal backing track by Tena Jones (formerly of 4th Avenue Jones.

2Pac_-_Until_The_End_Of_Time2pac - Until The End Of Time

"Until the End of Time" is a posthumous single from a 2001 2Pac album of the same name. The song was very successful and was a big contributor to the album going 4x Platinum. The song features R.L. Huggar from the R&B group Next. An alternate version features Mr. Mister's lead singer and bassist Richard Page on vocals and bass. The music video for the song contains a compilation of unreleased footage of Shakur. It charted at #52 on the Billboard Hot 100.
The song's beat is a sample of Mr. Mister's popular 1985 #1 song "Broken Wings".
The song itself was originally titled "Broken Wings" but was changed just a few weeks prior to its release due to legal issues. Although it was still released as "Broken Wings" or "Broken Wings (Until the end of time)" in some countries.
The music video starts off with an interview which 2Pac had after his rape case. It includes unreleased footage of 2Pac in the working, recording and writing in the studio. The video also contains music videos from his earlier singles such as All Bout U.

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