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Title: DE AFARĂ: D 12 – D 12 World (2004)
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D12 World este cel de-al doilea album al trupei D12 și a fost lansat în data de 27 aprilie 2004, prin Shady Records și Interscope. Piesele ...
D12 World este cel de-al doilea album al trupei D12 și a fost lansat în data de 27 aprilie 2004, prin Shady Records și Interscope. Piesele sunt produse de Eminem (care este și producătorul executiv al albumului), Mr. Porter, Dr. Dre, Mike Elizondo, Kanye West, Hi-Tek, Red Spyda, Trackboyz, Witt & Pep și Luis Resto. Pe album apar Obie Trice, Young Zee și B-Real de la Cypress Hill. S-au vândut 544000 de unități în prima săptămână

Track listing

Nr. Titlu Compozitori Producători Durata
1. "Git Up"  M. Mathers, L. Resto, Steve King, O. Moore, V. Carlisle Eminem, Luis Resto (add.) 4:03
2. "Loyalty" (featuring Obie Trice) M. Mathers, L. Resto, D. Porter, O. Trice, O. Moore, D. Holton, V. Carlisle, R. Johnson Eminem, Luis Resto (add.) 5:54
3. "Just Like U"  T. Cottrell, R. Johnson Hi-Tek, Eminem & Luis Resto (add.) 3:31
4. "I'll Be Damned"  D. Porter, O. Moore, R. Johnson, V. Carlisle Mr. Porter, Eminem & Luis Resto (add.) 4:21
5. "Dude" (skit) Eminem Eminem 1:14
6. "My Band D. Porter, O. Moore, D. Holton, V. Carlisle, R. Johnson, M. Mathers, L. Resto, S. King Eminem, Luis Resto (add.) 4:58
7. "U R the One"  D. Porter, M. Richardson, M. Elizondo, O. Moore, R. Johnson, D. Holton, V. Carlisle Mr. Porter 4:19
8. "6 in the Morning"  M. Mathers, L. Resto, D. Porter, O. Moore, V. Carlisle Eminem, Luis Resto (add.) 4:38
9. "How Come M. Mathers, D. Porter, D. Holton, D. Moore, B. Johnson Witt & Pep 4:09
10. "Leave Dat Boy Alone"  M. Mathers, L. Resto, A. Thelusma, O. Moore, D. Porter, V. Carlisle Red Spyda, Eminem & Luis Resto (add.) 5:23
11. "Get My Gun"  M. Mathers, L. Resto, S. King, O. Moore, V. Carlisle, D. Holton, D. Porter, R. Johnson Eminem, Luis Resto (add.) 4:34
12. "Bizarre" (skit) R. Johnson, Eminem Eminem 1:21
13. "Bitch"  M. Mathers, L. Resto, D. Porter, O. Moore, D. Holton, V. Carlisle, R. Johnson Eminem, Luis Resto (add.) 4:56
14. "Steve's Coffee House" (skit) S. Berman, M. Mathers Eminem 0:51
15. "D-12 World"  K. West, D. Porter, R. Johnson, O. Moore, V. Carlisle, D. Holton Kanye West 3:10
16. "40 Oz."  M. Williams, J. Kent, M. Mathers, R. Johnson, V. Carlisle, D. Holton Trackboyz 4:02
17. "Commercial Break" (featuring Young Zee) D. Porter, Young Zee Mr. Porter 1:12
18. "American Psycho II" (featuring B-Real) A. Young, M. Elizondo, L. Freese, O. Moore, V. Carlisle, R. Johnson, M. Mathers Dr. Dre, Mike Elizondo 3:44
19. "Bugz '97" (skit) (performed by Bugz) K. Pitts, M. Mathers Eminem 1:05
20. "Good Die Young"  D. Porter, S. Rivers, R. Johnson, V. Carlisle, D. Holton, O. Moore, J. R. Rotem, P. Williams Mr. Porter, Ess Man (co.) 5:56
21. "Keep Talkin"  M. Mathers, O. Moore, T. Martinez, G. Hughes, V. Carlisle, R. Johnson, D. Holton, M. Moore Night & Day, Eminem & Luis Resto (add.) 4:28
  • The skit "Bugz" is taken from the song "Desperados", performed by Eminem, Proof, Bugz & The Almighty Dreadknaughts.
  • The song "Just Like U" doesn't appear on the clean version of the album.
  • The song "Barbershop" can be found on the Barbershop 2: Back in Business soundtrack.
  • The song "Just Like U" contains a sample from "Sir Galahad" by Rick Wakeman.


  • B-Real – Guest Appearance
  • Steve Baughman – Mixing
  • Rondell Beene – Skit
  • Bizarre – Skit
  • Joe Borges – Assistant
  • Bugz – Skit
  • Tony Campana – Engineer
  • Richard Castro – Skit
  • Larry Chatman – Project Coordinator
  • Mike "Chav" Chavarria – Engineer
  • D12 – Group
  • Dr. Dre – Producer, Mixing
  • Mike Elizondo – Keyboards
  • Eminem – Producer, Executive Producer, Mixing, Skit
  • Essman – Producer
  • 50 Cent – Skit
  • Brian "Big Bass" Gardener – Mastering
  • Marcus Heisser – A&R
  • Richard Hunt – Engineer
  • Steven King – Bass, Guitar, Engineer, Mixing, Skit
  • Kuniva – Skit
  • Marc Labelle – A&R
  • Tracy McNew – A&R
  • Riggs Morales – A&R
  • Night and Day – Producer
  • Red Spyda – Keyboards, Producer
  • Luis Resto – Keyboards, Producer
  • Michael Strange – Engineer
  • Obie Trice – Guest Appearance
  • Sacha Waldman – Photography
  • Young Zee – Skit
  • Kanye West – Producer
  • Paul Williams - Songwriter
  • J.R. Rotem - Songwriter

How Come

"How Come" is a song by the American rap group D12. It was released in June 2004 as the second single from their second album D12 World. The song was certified Gold by the RIAA.[1] It became the group's second number-one single in Australia.
The song is about the tenuous relationship between the members of D12, for the most part Proof and Eminem.
The video depicts members of D12 fighting with Eminem in the Shady Records studio. It shows a detailed strain on the members relationships. They discuss how Eminem rose to stardom, and they can't get a deal. They envy Eminem, but he doesn't think there is anything to envy, the song ends, leaving people wondering, with the members dissatisfied. In the second verse of the song, Kon Artis talks about a time when he claims to have seen Eminem's girlfriend Kim cheating on him. The video ends with a clip of another song from D12 World, Git Up. The beginning also shows a home video of Eminem rapping at an underground show with Proof and Bizarre.

D-12 - How Come/Git Up

D-12 - Git Up

D-12 - 40 Oz.

D12_-_My_Band_-_CD_cover My Band
"My Band" is a song by the American rap group D12. It was released in March 2004 as the first single from their second album D12 World. The song is a parody of the false concept that Eminem is the lead singer of the "band" D12.
The single became the group's most successful so far (outside the United Kingdom), reaching number two there, number six in the United States and number one in Australia, New Zealand and Norway. My Band was the first song to top the revamped singles chart introduced in New Zealand in April 2004
The brief introduction summarizes the song's satirical message: that Eminem is the lead "singer" of the "band" and it makes everyone else in D12 jealous and looked down upon. In the chorus, he describes how girls have confidence in the group just because he is in it, even though they “don’t even know the name of [his] band”.[2]
Eminem talks about his own popularity in the first verse. It describes episodes such as him meeting some of his fans offstage, and when group member Kuniva tries to attack him when he claims that Jessica Alba is his future wife.
In the second verse, Swift wrestles the mic from Eminem and then describes some of the negative consequences this propaganda has for the rest of the D12’s members, such as not recording with Pro Tools, being stuck driving a van whilst Eminem rides in a tour bus, getting their names mixed up, and being provided a dressing room "smaller than a decimal". Kon Artis and Kuniva talk about this together in the third verse, with Eminem occasionally interrupting. The two find themselves unable to find a proper insult for him.
Just like Swift, Proof complains about the propaganda in his solo part, and says how people that view it this way know nothing about the group (To back up his point, fans yell out “Where’s Obie and Dre?”, referring to rappers Obie Trice and Dr. Dre).
In the fifth verse, Bizarre, after attacking Eminem who is at the time singing in traditional boy band, attacks the media for promoting a concept that he clearly views as nonsense, and claims that it's actually he that's the most popular person in the group. He also threatens to leave D12 on several occasions, claiming he'll "start a group with The Real Roxanne."
After this fifth verse, there is a short hook by Eminem, and Bizarre follows by trying to sing the chorus, which results in laughter. After that, some members yell out random comments while the others sing the song's title repeatedly.
At the end of the song, Eminem sings in a Spanish-style accent, "promoting" his fictional next single "My Salsa" (a parody of Kelis' hit single "Milkshake"). The song then ends abruptly, followed by Eminem saying, "Where did everybody go?".
The music video begins by showing the rest of D12 look through the window of a door to find Eminem receiving a massage, which is similar to the song's preceding skit on the album, "Dude". It then cuts to shots of Eminem in a limousine while the others are forced to wait for a bus, and the whole song's context is picked up from there.
Later scenes include Bizarre attempting to get in shape (parodying the video for 50 Cent's "In Da Club"), Bizarre and a midget spoofing fellow Michigander Kid Rock, Bizarre in the background of Eminem's "Lose Yourself" and "Superman" music videos, the entire band performing a boy band-style song while dressed like The Backstreet Boys, and a re-enactment of Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" (with Bizarre as Janet and Eminem as Justin Timberlake).
At the MTV Video Music Awards in 2004, "My Band" (directed by Philip G. Atwell, co-directed by Eminem) was nominated for Video of the Year, Best Group Video, and Best Rap Video, but did not win in any of the categories. During their performance of the song, Eminem mooned the audience. MTV originally planned to blur Eminem's bare bottom, but in light of their recent problems with the aforementioned "wardrobe malfunction" they instead decided to cut the mooning from the performance altogether. Pictures of Eminem's mooning have been spread across the internet.
In an uncensored version of the video, a nude woman appears next to Eminem and a nude woman dances on a pole.
Also, in the clean version on YouTube, Bizzare's verse where he is in the music videos, The word "fuck" was left out.

D-12 - U R The One

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