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Title: DE AFARĂ: Common – Be (2005)
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Be este cel de-al 6-lea album solo al lui Common și a fost lansat în data de 24 mai 2005, prin GOOD Music & Geffen Records . S-au vând...
Be este cel de-al 6-lea album solo al lui Common și a fost lansat în data de 24 mai 2005, prin GOOD Music & Geffen Records. S-au vândut 185000 de unități în prima săptămână și a fost certificat cu discul de aur vânzând peste 800 000 de unități.
4 piese nu au intrat pe album:
  • So Cool (produced by Sa-Ra) appears on the import version of the album.
  • My Way Home (produced by Kanye West) appears as a Common solo track on Kanye West's album Late Registration.
  • Be (Intro) (produced by J Dilla) appears on the mixtape Laced With Gems by DJ Eves.
  • Pimpin' (produced by J Dilla) appears on the mixtape Laced With Gems by DJ Eves.

Track listing

# Title Songwriters Producer(s) Featured performer(s) Sample Length
1 "Be" (Intro) L. Lynn
K. West
J. Poyser
Kanye West J. Poyser (keyboards) D. Hodge (acoustic bass)
  • "Mother Nature" by Albert Jones
2 "The Corner" L. Lynn
K. West
A. Oyewole
U. Hassan
L. Moore
Kanye West Kanye West The Last Poets 3:45
3 "Go!" L. Lynn
K. West
John Mayer
L. Lewis
Kanye West J. Mayer
Kanye West
DJ A-Trak
N. Amuntehu (percussion)
4 "Faithful" L. Lynn
K. West
D. Rogers
Kanye West Bilal
J. Legend
J. Poyser
K. Lewis (sample recreation)
  • "Faithful to the End" by DJ Rogers
5 "Testify" L. Lynn
K. West
A. Bond
G. Johnson G. Perry
Kanye West 2:36
6 "Love Is..." L. Lynn
J. Yancey
A. Gaye
M. Gaye
J. Nyx
E. Stover
J Dilla Luna E
J. Poyser
(all instruments)
7 "Chi-City" L. Lynn
K. West
E. Cornelius
Kanye West Kanye West
DJ A-Trak
DJ Dummy (scratches)
8 "The Food" (Live) L. Lynn
K. West
S. Cooke
S. McKenney
E. Record
Kanye West Kanye West
DJ Dummy
9 "Real People" L. Lynn
K. West
C. Frazier
Kanye West
  • "Sweet Children" by Caesar Frazier
10 "They Say" L. Lynn
K. West
J. Stephens
T. Bell L. Epstein
Kanye West John Legend Kanye West 3:57
11 "It's Your World (Part 1 & 2)" L. Lynn
J. Yancey
J. Poyser
K. Riggins
L. Lynn
R. Curington
W. Lestor
J Dilla
James Poyser
(co) Karriem Riggins (co)
L. Lynn
"The Kids"
K. West
J. Poyser (keyboards and strings)
K. Riggins (percussion)
  • "Share What You Got" by The Modulation

Common – Testify

"Testify" is the fourth single from rapper Common's 2005 album Be. Clocking in at just above two and a half minutes, it is the second shortest track on Be (after the album's intro). It is produced by Kanye West, whose beat heavily utilizes vocal samples from "Innocent Til Proven Guilty" by Honey Cone. Spence D. of IGN.com comments on this saying: "'Testify' [...] features an intricate layering of vocals which provide such an hypnotic backdrop that you almost forget to listen to Common's compelling storytelling."[1] The song's story is about a woman who manipulates a judge and jury to find her partner guilty of a crime SHE committed. After the case is settled, she starts laughing that she is the criminal. Sean Malcolm of AllHipHop.com considers Common to have "paint[ed] pictures of extravagant court trials" on "Testify."[2] The song was a critical hit garnering a nomination for Best Rap Solo Performance at the 48th Grammy Awards.
A remix featuring soul singer Darien Brockington and a different beat was recorded.


Common - GO!

"Go!" is the third single from the Common album Be. It is produced by Kanye West, who also performs backing vocals for the track alongside John Mayer. The track's percussion is handled by Num Amuntehu, while its scratches are provided by A-Trak. Its beat contains a sample from "Old Smokey" by Linda Lewis. Its lyrics deal with sexual fantasies.
Two remixes of "Go!" featuring Joy Denalane were released as singles: one was remixed by Kanye West and the other by Jazzanova. J. Cole also raps over the "Go!" beat on "Knock On Wood Freestyle" on his The Blow Up mixtape.


Common - The Corner ft. The Last Poets

"The Corner" is the second single released by rapper Common on his sixth album, Be. It features a chorus and production by Kanye West as well as spoken word lyrics by The Last Poets. The song's lyrics deal with street corners in poor neighborhoods. The song's beat contains samples from "You Make the Sun Shine" by The Temprees and "What It Is" by The Temptations. Because of the song's gritty sound, some fans considered it to be a return to Common's Resurrection days. A music video directed by Kanye West was made for "The Corner."

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