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Title: DE AFARĂ: Sean Price - Songs in The Key of Price (2015)
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Noul mixtape al lui Sean Price poate fi cumpărat de pe http://duckdown.spinshop.com/details/243206 . Member of: Heltah Skeltah Fea...

Noul mixtape al lui Sean Price poate fi cumpărat de pe http://duckdown.spinshop.com/details/243206.

Member of: Heltah Skeltah

Featuring: Foul Monday; Head I.C.E.; Ike Eyes; Illa Ghee; Labba; RIM; Royal Flush; Starvin B; Vic Spencer

Tags: Boot Camp Clik


As half of Heltah Skeltah, 1/8 of the Boot Camp Clik, and with a successful solo career in his own right, Sean Price (Brooklyn, NY) had a cult-like following, releasing critically acclaimed projects such as 'Monkey Barz,' 'Jesus Price Supastar,' and 'Mic Tyson.'

Sadly, just two weeks before the schedule release of Songs In The Key Of Price, Sean Price passed away in his Brooklyn apartment. The entire music community has since been grieving his untimely death, though the release of this 30-track mixtape offers an opportunity for fans and friends alike to celebrate the life and career of the storied MC.

-Figure More Feat. Illa Ghee
-Hot Breath
-Top Tier
-Garbanzo Beans
-Give'Em Hell Feat. Illa Ghee
-Psycho Killa
-D.L.F. Feat. Foul Monday Rim & Royal Flush
-Bobby Mcbarz Feat. Ike Eyes
-Orange Box Cutter
-Fei Long
-Go Rambo Feat. Illa Ghee & Foul Monday
-Planet Apes
-Metal Beard Feat. Vic Spencer
-Barbituates Feat. Labba Rim & Illa Ghee
-Dave Winfield Feat. Illa Ghee
-Kurt Rambis
-Sean Shank Redemption Feat. Starvin B
-Infinity Gauntlet Feat. Starvin B
-Elmer Fudd Feat. Starvin B & Foul Monday
-Enigma Feat. Illa Ghee
-Soul Perfect Feat. Illa Ghee
-El Raheim Feat. Rim
-Sean Price - Songs in The Key of Price New Artwork

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