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Title: DE AFARĂ: Dj Quik - Quik Is the Name (1991)
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Quik Is the Name este albumul de debut al lui Dj Quik și a fost lansat în data de 15 ianuarie 1991, prin Profile Records . Track listin...
Quik Is the Name este albumul de debut al lui Dj Quik și a fost lansat în data de 15 ianuarie 1991, prin Profile Records.

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Sweet Black Pussy"   David Blake DJ Quik 4:20
2. "Tonite"   Blake, Charlotte Caffey, Peter Case, Jane Wiedlin DJ Quik 5:23
3. "Born and Raised In Compton"   Blake DJ Quik 3:25
4. "Deep" (featuring 2nd II None & AMG) Blake, Darius Barnett, Justin Hayward, AMG, Kai McDonald DJ Quik 3:42
5. "Tha Bombudd"   Blake DJ Quik 3:47
6. "Dedication"   Blake, Barnett, McDonald, Bruce Springsteen DJ Quik 1:30
7. "Quik Is the Name"   Blake DJ Quik 2:46
8. "Loked Out Hood"   Blake DJ Quik 2:50
9. "8 Ball"   Blake DJ Quik, Courtney Branch (add.), Tracy Kendrick (add.) 3:30
10. "Quik's Groove"   Blake DJ Quik 1:50
11. "Tear It Off" (featuring AMG) Blake, Lewis DJ Quik 3:46
12. "I Got That Feelin'"   Blake DJ Quik 3:38
13. "Skanless" (featuring AMG, Hi-C & 2nd II None) Blake, Barnett, Lewis, McDonald, Crawford Wilkerson DJ Quik 2:54
 • (add.) Additional production
Sample credits
  • "Sweet Black Pussy" contains a sample of "The Incredible Fulk" by Blowfly.
  • "Tonite" contains a sample of "Tonight" by Kleeer and "Tonight Is The Night" by Betty Wright.
  • "Born and Raised in Compton" contains samples of "Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic" performed by Isaac Hayes, "Hardcore Jollies" performed by Funkadelic, "She's Not Just Another Woman" performed by 8th Day, and "Compton's N the House" performed by N.W.A.
  • "Deep" contains samples of "Between Two Sheets & "Four Play" performed by Fred Wesley & the Horny Horns.
  • "Quik is the Name" contains a sample of "I Just Want to Be" performed by Cameo.
  • "Loked Out Hood" contains samples of "Do You Like It" performed by B.T. Express and "Pumpin' It Up" performed by P-Funk All Stars.
  • "8 Ball" contains a sample of "Chameleon" performed by Herbie Hancock.
  • "Quik's Groove" contains a sample of "Without Love" performed by Peter Brown.
  • "Tear It Off" contains samples of "Once You Got It" performed by B.T. Express, "You Got to Have A Mother for Me" performed by James Brown, and "Husbands And Whores" performed by LaWanda Page.
  • "I Got That Feelin'" contains a sample of "A Feeling Is..." performed by Emotions.
  • "Skanless" contains a sample of "That's Enough for Me" performed by Patti Austin.

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