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Title: DE AFARĂ: 50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2003)
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Get Rich or Die Tryin ' este albumul de debut al lui 50 Cent și a fost lansat în data de 4 februarie 2003, prin Shady Records, Afterm...

Get Rich or Die Tryin' este albumul de debut al lui 50 Cent și a fost lansat în data de 4 februarie 2003, prin Shady Records, Aftermath și Interscope.

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Intro"   0:06
2. "What Up Gangsta"   Curtis Jackson, Rob Tewlow Rob "Reef" Tewlow 2:59
3. "Patiently Waiting" (featuring Eminem) Jackson, Marshall Mathers, Luis Resto, Mike Elizondo Eminem 4:48
4. "Many Men (Wish Death)"   Jackson, Darrell Branch, Resto Darrell "Digga" Branch, Eminem (add.), Luis Resto (add.) 4:16
5. "In da Club"   Jackson, Andre Young, Elizondo Dr. Dre, Elizondo (co.) 3:13
6. "High All the Time"   Jackson, Mathers, Michael Clervoix, Conrad Almonacy, Resto DJ Rad, Eminem (co.), Sha Money XL (co.) 4:29
7. "Heat"   Jackson, Young, Tommy Coster, Elizondo Dr. Dre 4:14
8. "If I Can't"   Jackson, Young, Elizondo Dr. Dre, Elizondo (co.) 3:16
9. "Blood Hound" (featuring Young Buck) Jackson, Sean Henderson, David Brown Sean Blaze 4:00
10. "Back Down"   Jackson, Young, Ron Feemster, Elizondo Dr. Dre 4:03
11. "P.I.M.P."   Jackson, Denaun Porter Mr. Porter,Brandon Parrott 4:09
12. "Like My Style" (featuring Tony Yayo) Jackson, Marvin Bernard, Dana Stinson Rockwilder 3:13
13. "Poor Lil Rich"   Jackson, Clervoix Sha Money XL, Eminem (add.) 3:19
14. "21 Questions" (featuring Nate Dogg) Jackson, Kevin Risto Dirty Swif 3:44
15. "Don't Push Me" (featuring Lloyd Banks and Eminem) Jackson, Mathers, Christopher Lloyd, Resto Eminem 4:08
16. "Gotta Make It to Heaven"   Jackson, Dorsey Wesley Megahertz 4:01
17. "Wanksta" (bonus track) Jackson, John Freeman, Clervoix John "J-Praize" Freeman 3:39
18. "U Not like Me" (bonus track) Jackson, Andy Thelusma Red Spyda 4:15
19. "Life's on the Line" (bonus track) Jackson, Dudley Terence Dudley 3:38
Sample credits
  • "Many Men (Wish Death)" contains a sample of "Out of the Picture" by Tavares
  • "21 Questions" contains a sample of "It's Only Love Doing Its Thing" by Barry White
  • "Patiently Waiting" contains a sample of "Gin and Juice" by Snoop Dogg feat. Daz Dillinger
  • "If I Can't" contains a sample of "Peter Piper" by Run-DMC
  • "Poor Lil Rich" contains a sample of "Your Life's on the Line" by 50 Cent

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