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Title: DE AFARĂ (Canada): Kay the Aquanaut & Factor - Letters from Laika (2013)
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Letters from Laika a fost lansat în data de 12 februarie 2013 prin Circle Into Square. TRACKLIST: ...

Letters from Laika a fost lansat în data de 12 februarie 2013 prin Circle Into Square.














Kay The Aquanaut and Factor have already secured their places in the pantheon of underground hip-hop greats. Either together or on their own, the two artists have spent the last 10+ years cultivating a unique and multi-varied sonic world that puts a premium on witty wordplay and grooves that run deep and true.

With the release of the Saskatchewan-based duo’s upcoming collaboration Letters Fom Laika, don’t be surprised if the rest of the music-loving world finally starts to catch up with what true hip-hop fans have been saying about these two for years. Kay the Aquanaut is one of the most quick-witted rhymers around, mixing bleeding edge pop culture references in with his own clear-eyed visions of the world at large, while Factor backs up his collaborators every step of the way with minimalist tracks that lean on a wide range of influences: from Modeselektor and Freestyle Fellowship to Thom Yorke and Gordon Lightfoot.

Letters is cut from a whole new cloth for this pair. A departure from established hip-hop production norms, each song was built up from scratch with chopped up live instruments pulled from a bevy of collaborating musicians. It may have taken them the better part of 2012 to put it all together, but that care and dedication pours out from every track.

Kay the Aquanaut responds to the splashy production and futuristic vibes with some of his most far-reaching lyrical work to date. The nimble rapper takes on a variety of topics, all related to personal and societal evolution as seen through the eyes of the titular mongrel pup who was launched into space by Russia way back in 1957. There are protest songs, love songs, memoirs of modern living, and memoirs of a modern death.

Letters From Laika is no overstuffed hip-hop disc, spilling over with guest rhymes and filler. In fact, you’ll only find one track that features a voice other than Kay—”Pangean Drift” boasts a drop in by L.A.-based icon Awol One. Otherwise, this is a lean, mean, artful and funky album that will scratch the many mental itches of the world’s music lovers. This is a hip-hop/sci-fi soundtrack for our dystopian future, and a dancefloor-filling banger for the space dog in all of us. The countdown is beginning...don’t miss your chance to hop on board this ride into the deepest reaches of the universe.

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