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Title: DE AFARĂ: Dj Quik - Safe + Sound (1995)
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Safe + Sound este cel de-al 3-lea album al lui Dj Quik și a fost lansat în data de 21 februarie 1995, prin Profile Records . Track lis...

Safe + Sound este cel de-al 3-lea album al lui Dj Quik și a fost lansat în data de 21 februarie 1995, prin Profile Records.

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Street Level Entrance"   David Blake DJ Quik 1:52
2. "Get at Me"   Larry Blackmon, Blake, Byron Byrd DJ Quik 4:07
3. "Diggin U Out"   Blake DJ Quik 4:48
4. "Safe + Sound"   George Archie, Blake DJ Quik, G-One (co.) 4:48
5. "Somethin' 4 Tha Mood"   Archie, Blake, George Clinton, Jr. DJ Quik, G-One (co.) 5:55
6. "Don't You Eat It!"   Blake DJ Quik 1:07
7. "Can I Eat It?"   Archie, Blake DJ Quik 4:59
8. "It'z Your Fantasy"   Archie, Blake DJ Quik, G-One (co.) 4:22
9. "Tha Ho In You" (featuring Hi-C & 2nd II None) Archie, Darius Barnett, Blake, Kelton L. McDonald, Crawford Wilkerson DJ Quik 4:44
10. "Dollaz + Sense"   Blake DJ Quik 5:52
11. "Let You Havit"   Blake DJ Quik 3:40
12. "Summer Breeze"   Blake, Jerome Louis "J.J." Jackson DJ Quik, Courtney Branch, Tracy Kendrick (co.) 4:33
13. "Quik's Groove III"   Archie, Robert Bacon, Blake DJ Quik, Robert Bacon, G-One (co.) 2:37
14. "Sucka Free"   Blake DJ Quik 2:10
15. "Keep Tha "P" In It" (featuring Playa Hamm, Hi-C, 2nd II None & Kam) Barnett, Blake, McDonald, Craig Miller, Wilkerson DJ Quik 5:24
16. "Hooray 4 Tha Funk (Reprise)"   Blake, Garry Shider DJ Quik 5:24
Total length:
 • (co.) Co-producer
Sample credits
  • "Get at Me" Contain samples of "Rigor Mortis" by Cameo and "Conscience" by Sun.
  • "Diggin' U Out" Contain samples of "I Get Lifted" by George McCrae and "The Freeze (Sizzaleenmean)" by Parliament.
  • "Safe + Sound" Contain samples of "Strawberry Letter 23" by The Brothers Johnson and "I Wanna Be Your Lover" by Prince.
  • "Can I Eat It" Contain a sample of "Don't Fight the Feeling" by One Way.
  • "Itz Your Fantasy" Contain a sample of "California My Way" by The Main Ingredient.
  • "Dollaz + Sense" Contain a sample of "I Like (What You're Doing to Me)" by Young & Company.
  • "Let You Havit" Contain a sample of "Long Stroke" by ADC Band.
  • "Summer Breeze" Contain a sample of "You Like Me Don't You" by Jermaine Jackson.
  • "Sucka Free" Contain a sample of "Shack Up" by Banbarra.
  • "Keep Tha P in It" Contain samples of "Do It, Fluid" by The Blackbyrds and "Colour Me Funky" by Parliament.
  • "Hoorah 4 Tha Funk" Contain a sample of "Atomic Dog" by George Clinton
  • "Tanqueray" Contain samples of "Get Up to Get Down" by Brass Construction and "Bustin' Out (On Funk)" by Rick James.

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