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Title: DE AFARĂ: Grand Daddy I.U. - P.I.M.P. (Paper Is My Priority) (2015)
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P.I.M.P. (Paper Is My Priority) este cel de-al 4-lea album al lui Grand Daddy I.U. și a fost lansat în data de 17 februarie 2015, prin St...

P.I.M.P. (Paper Is My Priority) este cel de-al 4-lea album al lui Grand Daddy I.U. și a fost lansat în data de 17 februarie 2015, prin Steady Flow.

The Hip Hop Veteran and Smooth Assassin Grand Daddy I.U. returns with his latest album entitled "P.I.M.P. Paper Is My Priority" released on his independently owned Steady Flow Enterprises. Production handled mainly by I.U., Marco Polo, Blunt, Gwop Sullivan and others. Guest features include SADAT X, Don Black and more. Grand Daddy I.U. states that this album is "Classic Hip Hop! No cheesy synth sh*t! It's that soulful, rugged and smooth Hip Hop all in one. I believe that this is some of my best work to date". "P.I.M.P" is 18 tracks deep with songs such as "My Neck OF The Woods" where I.U. paints a realistic lyrical picture of where he is from. On "That Old Soul" I.U. pays homage and reminisces about legendary R&B and Soul artists. Other banging tracks include "She Said" featuring Sadat X, "Uptown Saturday Night", "Get Ur Own" and much more! This is Grand Daddy I.U.'s official 4th studio album.

Born in Queens, NY and raised in Hempstead, Long Island. I.U. made his way into the game during the "Golden Era" of Hip Hop. He landed a deal with Cold Chillin' Records which featured big name artists such as Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie, Kool G. Rap, MC Shan, and Roxanne Shante just to name a few. He quickly carved his niche as "The Barry White of Rap" with such classics as "Something New", "Sugar Free", "Girl In The Mall", and "This Is a Recording". I.U. went on to record two more albums and collaborated with the hottest emcees in the game, Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, 2Pac and Big L respectively. He also produced for KRS-ONE, Ice T, Heltah Skeltah, and the list goes on. Grand Daddy I.U. continues to make hard beats and spit classic bars. In a world of Hip Hop where lyricism has taken a back seat to fashion, pre-school hooks, and off beat flows, he seeks to bring skills back to the forefront with this new album.

Track Listing

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1. P.I.M.P Intro
Producer: Marco Polo

featuring D.J. Jackhammer
Producer: Grand Daddy I.U.

3. Balls N My Word
Producer: Grand Daddy I.U.

4. My Shit
featuring Day Pesos; Don Black
Producer: Grand Daddy I.U.

5. Hands Up
Producer: Grand Daddy I.U.

6. We Here Now
Producer: Grand Daddy I.U.

7. My Neck Of The Woods
featuring Shawn Haynes
Producer: Blunt

8. Bottles In Da Air
Producer: T-Bone

9. Uptown Saturday Night
featuring Antwan
Producer: Grand Daddy I.U.

featuring Sadat X (of Brand Nubian)
Producer: Grand Daddy I.U.

11. That Old Soul
Producer: Grand Daddy I.U.

12. Money N Gunz
Producer: Blunt

13. Muffin Interlude
Producers: Grand Daddy I.U.; Muffin
14. Get Ur Own
featuring Shawn Hayes; Mook Diamond; Don Black
Producer: Grand Daddy I.U.

featuring Gwop Sullivan
Producer: Gwop Sullivan

16. My Side
featuring Hollowz; Don Black
Producer: Grand Daddy I.U.

17. P.I.M.P Outro
Producer: Grand Daddy I.U.

18. Against Da Grain (Bonus Track)
Producer: Grand Daddy I.U.

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