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Title: DE AFARĂ: 50 Cent - The Massacre (2005)
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The Massacre este cel de-al 2-lea album al lui 50 Cent și a fost lansat în data de 3 martie 2005, prin Aftermath Entertainment , Shady Re...

The Massacre este cel de-al 2-lea album al lui 50 Cent și a fost lansat în data de 3 martie 2005, prin Aftermath Entertainment, Shady Records & Interscope Records.

Track listing

Standard edition
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Intro"   Lindsay Collins Eminem 0:41
2. "In My Hood"   Curtis Jackson, Luis Resto, Teraike "C. Styles" Crawford, Phillip "Bang Out" Pitts, Marshall Mathers C. Styles, Bang Out, Eminem (add.), Resto (add.) 3:51
3. "This Is 50"   Jackson, Rashad Smith, Michael Clervoix Sha Money XL, Black Jeruz 3:04
4. "I'm Supposed to Die Tonight"   Jackson, Resto, Steve King, Mathers Eminem, Resto (add.) 3:51
5. "Piggy Bank"   Jackson, Khari Cain Needlz 4:15
6. "Gatman and Robbin'" (featuring Eminem) Jackson, Jeff Bass, Resto, Mark Bass, Neal Hefti, Mathers Eminem, Bass Brothers (add.) 3:46
7. "Candy Shop" (featuring Olivia) Jackson, Scott Storch Storch 3:29
8. "Outta Control"   Jackson, Andre Young, Mike Elizondo, Christopher Pope, Steve Standard Dr. Dre, Elizondo 3:21
9. "Get in My Car"   Jackson, Tony Cotrell Hi-Tek 4:05
10. "Ski Mask Way"   Jackson, Bunny Sigler, Resto, Mathers, Dave Shayman, Ryan Presson Disco D, Eminem (add.), Resto (add.) 3:05
11. "A Baltimore Love Thing"   Jackson, Quentin "Cue Beats" Staples, Norma Toney Cue Beats 4:17
12. "Ryder Music"   Jackson, Cotrell Hi-Tek 3:51
13. "Disco Inferno"   Jackson, Crawford, Pitts C. Styles, Bang Out 3:34
14. "Just a Lil Bit"   Jackson, Storch Storch 3:57
15. "Gunz Come Out"   Jackson, Young, Elizondo Dr. Dre, Elizondo 4:24
16. "My Toy Soldier" (featuring Tony Yayo) Jackson, Resto, King, Marvin Bernard, Mathers Eminem, Resto (add.) 3:44
17. "Position of Power"   Jackson, Jonathan Rotem J.R. Rotem 3:12
18. "Build You Up" (featuring Jamie Foxx) Jackson, Storch Storch 2:55
19. "God Gave Me Style"   Jackson, Cain, Leonard Caston, Jr., Tom McFadden Needlz 3:01
20. "So Amazing" (featuring Olivia) Jackson, Rotem, Jasmin Lopez J.R. Rotem 3:16
21. "I Don't Need 'Em"   Jackson, Anthony Best Buckwild 3:20
22. "Hate It or Love It (G Unit Remix)" (bonus track) (featuring The Game, Tony Yayo, Young Buck and Lloyd Banks) Jackson, Allan Felder, Andre Lyon, Jayceon Taylor, Marcello Valenzano, Bernard, Norman Harris, Ron Barker Cool & Dre 4:23
  • "Intro" is excluded from the 2006 France edition.[23]
Sample credits[24]
  • "Intro" contains elements from "What Up Gangsta" performed by 50 Cent
  • "This Is 50" contains elements from "Things Done Changed" performed by The Notorious B.I.G.
  • "I'm Supposed to Die Tonight" contains vocal samples of Spectrasonics' "Vocal Planet"
  • "Gatman and Robbin'" contains replayed elements from "Batman Theme"
  • "Candy Shop" contains a sample of "Love Break" performed by The Salsoul Orchestra (uncredited)
  • "Outta Control" contains interpolation from Strafe "Set It Off"
  • "Ski Mask Way" contains elements from "What Am I Waiting For" performed by The O'Jays and resung elements from "Cell Therapy" performed by Goodie Mob
  • "A Baltimore Love Thing" contains elements from "I'll Be Waiting There for You" performed by The Dells
  • "God Gave Me Style" contains elements from "Each Day I Cry a Little" performed by Eddie Kendricks
  • "I Don't Need 'Em" contains elements from "Nobody Knows" performed by S.C.L.C.

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