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Title: DE AFARĂ: T.I. - King (2006)
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King este cel de-al 4-lea album al lui T.I. și a fost lansat în data de 28 martie 2006, prin Grand Hustle Records & Atlantic Records...

King este cel de-al 4-lea album al lui T.I. și a fost lansat în data de 28 martie 2006, prin Grand Hustle Records & Atlantic Records.

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "King Back"   Clifford Harris, Justin Smith, Ray Davies Just Blaze 4:12
2. "Front Back" (featuring UGK) Chad Butler, Bernard Freeman, Harris, O'Shea Jackson, The Meters, Freddie Southwell, Eric Wright, Andre Young Mannie Fresh 3:42
3. "What You Know"   Harris, Aldrin Davis, Donny Hathaway, Curtis Mayfield, Leroy Hutson DJ Toomp 4:34
4. "I'm Talkin' to You"   Harris, Smith Just Blaze 5:40
5. "Live in the Sky" (featuring Jamie Foxx) Harris, Keith McMasters Keith Mack 5:46
6. "Ride Wit Me"   Harris, McMasters Keith Mack 4:04
7. "The Breakup (skit)" (featuring Mike Epps & Malieka) Darion Holmes Keith Mack 1:56
8. "Why You Wanna"   Harris, Kevin Cates, Neal Conway, Crystal Waters, Tei Towa, Bebel Gilberto, Kamaal Fareed, Ali Muhammad, Malik Taylor, James Yancey Kevin "Khao" Cates 3:37
9. "Get It"   Harris, Kasseem Dean, Enrico Simonetti, Antonio Murri, Dino Verdi Swizz Beatz 3:40
10. "Top Back"   Harris, Thomas Mannie Fresh 4:42
11. "I'm Straight/Pimp C (skit)" (featuring B.G. & Young Jeezy) Harris, C. Dorsey, S. Graham, N. Loftin Nick Fury 6:35
12. "Undertaker" (featuring Young Buck, Young Dro & DJ Drama) Harris, Cates, David Brown, D'Juan Hart Kevin "Khao" Cates 4:13
13. "Stand Up Guy"   Harris, Cates Kevin "Khao" Cates 3:16
14. "You Know Who"   Harris, Solomon Burke, Tony Galvin Tony Galvin, Travis Barker (co.) 2:54
15. "Goodlife" (featuring Pharrell & Common) Harris, Pharrell Williams, Lonnie Lynn, DMystro Staggs The Neptunes 4:28
16. "Hello" (featuring Governor) Harris, Cates, Governor Washington, Jr. Kevin "Khao" Cates 3:34
17. "Told You So"   Harris, McMasters Keith Mack 4:22
18. "Bankhead" (featuring P$C & Young Dro) Harris, Davis, E. Gold, N. Josey, S. Merrett, Hart DJ Toomp 4:26
 • (co.) Co-producer

Limited edition DVD

A limited edition of King was released, featuring a DVD. The DVD contained:
  • Live concert footage from Houston, Texas.
  • Music Video of Front Back featuring UGK.
  • A special slide show to accompany the audio of Drive Slow (Remix) (featuring Kanye West, Paul Wall, GLC, & T.I.).

Sample credits

King Back
  • Excerpts from "Sting Of The Serpent" written by Ray Davies
Front Back
  • Excerpts from "Front Back Side To Side" written by Chad Butler
What You Know
  • "Gone Away" by Roberta Flack
Why You Wanna
Get It
  • Excerpts from "Mollo Tutto" written by Enrico Simonetti, Antonio Murri, & Dino Verdi
You Know Who
  • "Fight Back" by Solomon Burke, off the Cool Breeze OST (blaxploitation movie)
  • "Exodus (Main Theme)"
Drug Related
  • Excerpts from "Love Me Back" written by Willie Hutch

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