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Title: DE AFARĂ: Wax & Batsauce - The Soledad Brothers (2014)
Author: ELADIO "wutanghiddenmember"
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The Soledad Brothers a fost lansat în data de 4 martie 2014. The SoleDad Brothers by Wax & BatSauce TRACKLIST: 1. Uzi On F...

The Soledad Brothers a fost lansat în data de 4 martie 2014.










Wax is an emcee from north Florida who put out his first project in 1989 as a part of the rap crew Assault & Battery. He later went on to drop a single on ABB as one half of the critically acclaimed southern rap duo Red Rock. After getting incarcerated, Wax decided to leave the streets and focus on rap.

Batsauce (born Britt Traynham) is a musician/producer/DJ from Jacksonville, Florida. Following his well received EP & LP with Qwazaar, Batsauce debuted his instrumental intergalactic love saga entitled "Starcrossed." Batsauce is also one-third of the Smile Rays (along with Paten Locke & Lady Daisey).

Years after Wax met Batsauce and forged a solid friendship, the two decided to make music together. After many late night discussions on politics, race, and revolutionary notions, they forged the concept of the Soledad Brothers: a revolutionary force from within the belly of the beast. Over the next few years, the dynamic duo finally completed their first project, an EP forging rap steeped in street knowledge with underground boom bap.

CD version is a limited edition shrink-wrapped digipak.

Vocals & Lryics - Wax
Beats & Production - Batsauce
Cuts on Deeper by Paten Locke
Additional Vocals on Gonna Be Alright by Lady Daisey
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Batsauce
What Is Love recorded by Douglas Murdoch
Cover Art by Lady Daisey

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