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marți, 26 noiembrie 2019

DE AFARĂ: The Roots - Phrenology (2002)

Phrenology este cel de-al 6-lea album al trupei The Roots și a fost lansat în data de 26 noiembrie 2002, prin Geffen Records & MCA Records.

Track listing

  • Information is adapted from the album's liner notes.
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Phrentrow" (featuring Ursula Rucker) Ahmir Thompson, Ursula Rucker, Omar Edwards Questlove, Omar the Scholar 0:18
2. "Rock You"   Tariq Trotter, George Spivey DJ Scratch, The Grand Wizzards (co.) 3:12
3. "!!!!!!!"   Thompson, Benjamin Kenney, Leonard Hubbard The Grand Wizzards 0:24
4. "Sacrifice" (featuring Nelly Furtado) Trotter, Thompson, James Gray, Hubbard Kamiah Gray, Kamal Gray (co.) 4:44
5. "Rolling with Heat" (featuring Talib Kweli) Trotter, Thompson, Gray, Kyle Jones, Talib Greene, Karl Jenkins The Grand Wizzards 3:42
6. "WAOK (Ay) Rollcall" (featuring Ursula Rucker) Thompson, Gray, Hubbard The Grand Wizzards 1:00
7. "Thought @ Work"   Trotter, Thompson, Hubbard, Gray, Kenney Questlove 4:58
8. "The Seed (2.0)" (featuring Cody ChesnuTT) Trotter, Antonious Bernard Thomas Questlove, Cody ChesnuTT (co.) 4:27
9. "Break You Off" (featuring Musiq) Trotter, Thompson, Hubbard, Gray, Jones, Kenney, Jenkins, Taalib Johnson, Jill Scott Kamal Gray 7:27
10. "Water"   Trotter, Thompson, Hubbard, Gray, Kenney, Tahir Williams Tahir Jamal, Kelo Saunders (co.), The Grand Wizzards (co.) 10:24
11. "Quills"   Trotter, Karriem Riggins Karreem Riggins, The Grand Wizzards (co.) 4:22
12. "Pussy Galore"   Trotter, Scott Storch Scott Storch, Zoukhan Bey 4:29
13. "Complexity" (featuring Jill Scott) Trotter, Thompson, Hubbard, Gray, Scott, Edwards The Grand Wizzards, Questlove (co.), Omar the Scholar (co.) 4:47
14. "Something in the Way of Things (In Town)" (featuring Amiri Baraka) Thompson, Kenney, Amiri Baraka The Grand Wizzards 7:16
Unlisted tracks
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
15. Untitled   0:20
16. Untitled   0:20
17. "Rhymes and Ammo / Thirsty!" (featuring Talib Kweli) Trotter, Thompson, Greene The Grand Wizzards 8:00
18. Untitled   0:07
 • (co) Co-producer
Sample credits and notes
  • "Thought @ Work" contains elements from the composition "Apache" by The Sugarhill Gang, "Jam on the Groove" by Ralph McDonald, and "Human Beat Box" by The Fat Boys. According to Questlove, recording artist Alicia Keys "drop[s] in" on the track.
  • "Water" comprises three parts, noted in Questlove's liner notes as "a. the first movement / b. the abyss / c. the drowning", and contains elements of "Her Story" by The Flying Lizards.
  • "Quills" contains elements of "Breakout" by Swing Out Sister and features guest vocals from Tracey Moore of the Jazzyfatnastees.
  • "Pussy Galore" contains elements of "Because I Got It Like That" by the Jungle Brothers.
  • Tracks 15, 16 and 18 are silent blank tracks. Track 17 is divided into two untitled songs, identified as "Rhymes and Ammo", originally from Soundbombing III (2002), and "Thirsty!".

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