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Title: DE AFARĂ (Macedonia): Slozhuvalka - The Puzzle (hip hop documentary)
Author: ELADIO "wutanghiddenmember"
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Info Slozhuvalka (The Puzzle) “The Puzzle” is a Macedonian documentary fil m about the meaning of the hip ...

Info Slozhuvalka (The Puzzle)
“The Puzzle” is a Macedonian documentary film about the meaning of the hip hop
culture in our region. This is not a classic hip hop documentary. It is a collage of views,
experiences and ideas of individuals from the Macedonian hip hop scene. The film does not
document the history of the Macedonian hip hop, but it raises questions and it opens up a
discussion about the present of this culture, by comparing it to a jigsaw puzzle, where getting the
final picture is a process of patience, intelligence and creativity. The film was produced by the
informal organization Hip Hop Macedonia, featuring the most acclaimed Macedonian hip hop
artists since the beginning of Macedonian hip hop culture until today - Icko and V.G. (Chista
Okolina), Tec (Most Wanted/Oshav Prod.) DJ Goce (SAF), Profo & Chovekot X (Klan Istok),
Protiv Site, Hrom (graffiti), Tiggaz (DNS) Toni Zen, Green Out, Puka Kozmetika, Brus,
Slatkaristika, DzoDzo (Stress), Zhile & Vali, Ognen (beatbox), Zad Agolot, Titanium,
Toksikolozi, Avtorizacija, Divizija.
Movie motto: 35 artists - one idea

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