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Title: DE AFARĂ: O.C. - Same Moon Same Sun - Phase 1 (2017)
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Same Moon Same Sun - Phase 1 urmează să fie lansat în data de 24 martie 2017, prin D.I.T.C. Studios . Hip-Hop veteran O.C. is back with...
Same Moon Same Sun - Phase 1 urmează să fie lansat în data de 24 martie 2017, prin D.I.T.C. Studios.

Hip-Hop veteran O.C. is back with "Same Moon Same Sun," his first full-length album release since his number one selling album "Trophies."

O.C. from the legendary hip-hop crew D.I.T.C., Diggin in the Crates Crew (Lord Finesse, O.C., Diamond D, Showbiz & AG, Buckwild, Fat Joe & Big L), once again delivers an album guaranteed to leave even the most critical hip-hop fan fully satisfied.

With production from some of the industries newest superstars as well as contributions from long time hip-hop veteran producers, this album blends the wisdom and skill of one of hip-hop's most talented MC's with the modern sounds of top notch production.

O.C.'s previous albums, "Word Life" and "Jewelz" are both considered to be classic albums, both ranking in most hip-hop historians top 10 albums of all time lists. "Same Moon Same Sun" is an anticipated classic that should equal or surpass the accolades from O.C.'s previous classics.

With lyrics that explore everything from what qualities constitute a "Good Man" to the current state of domestic and world politics, O.C. offers something for everyone.


Track Listing

  • 1.
  • 2.
    Good Man
  • 3.
    Waste Not Want
  • 4.
    Sound Off
  • 5.
    New Day
  • 6.
    My City
  • 7.
  • 8.
    In The Pain
  • 9.
  • 10.
  • 11.
    Lost In Time (Bonus Track)
  • 12.
    Get With The Program (Bonus Track)
  • 13.
    Real Life Parts 1 & 2

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