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Title: DE AFARĂ (Anglia): Rageouz - Bridging (Videoclip)
Author: ELADIO "wutanghiddenmember"
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A wordsmith warrior  Rageouz  comes to life with creative energy manifesting in the form of his brand new visual for ‘ Bridging ’ . ...
A wordsmith warrior Rageouz comes to life with creative energy manifesting in the form of his brand new visual for ‘Bridging.
The cleverly recorded video uses a combination of POV and pro shots to create a ‘fly on the wall’ style documentation of his simple life, giving an everyday insight into the rapper’s humble beginnings. Rageouz says,
The video expresses my contentedness with my surroundings, with my day-to-day life around family and friends, being what I value most
The laid-back flow of Rageouz’ lyrics teamed with a chilled out summers day drives home the notion of happiness and simplicity. Harnessing the art of Rap and submerging it with layers of Soul and Hip Hop, his sound is riddled with a nostalgic undertone yet exudes a contemporary freshness. The laid-back anecdote is the opener for his latest project ‘4 The Record’ EP and is a musical adventure sculpted by a tongue-twisting flow and displays Rageouz’s versatility as an artist. Distinguished by his well-articulated rap, the track hosts a melodic and rhythmic hook, which is an ongoing theme seen throughout the full tracklist.
Contagiously creative and enthrallingly enigmatic join Rageouz on his latest pursuit and get to know the exciting new prospect of UK music.


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