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Title: DE AFARĂ: OutKast - Idlewild (2006)
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Idlewild este cel de-al 6-lea album al trupei Outkast, fiind sountrack-ul filmului cu același nume, fiind lansat în data de 22 august 200...

Idlewild este cel de-al 6-lea album al trupei Outkast, fiind sountrack-ul filmului cu același nume, fiind lansat în data de 22 august 2006, prin LaFace Records & Jive.

Track listing

Writing and production credits for Idlewild adapted from liner notes.
2."Mighty 'O'"André Benjamin, Antwan Patton, Cab Calloway, Clarence Gaskill, Dave Robbins, Irving Mills, Patrick Brown, Ray Murray, Rico WadeOrganized Noize4:16
3."Peaches" (featuring Sleepy Brown & Scar)Patton, Marvin Parkman, Mike Hardnett, P. Brown, Preston Crump, Murray, Wade, Terrence SmithOrganized Noize3:10
4."Idlewild Blue (Don'tchu Worry 'Bout Me)"BenjaminAndré 30003:24
5."Infatuation" (Interlude)0:48
6."N2U" (featuring Khujo)Patton, Mike Patterson, P. Brown, Murray, Wade, Robert Manzoli, Wallace Khatib, Willie KnightonOrganized Noize3:40
7."Morris Brown" (featuring Scar & Sleepy Brown)Benjamin, Patton, T. SmithAndré 30004:24
8."Chronomentrophobia"BenjaminAndré 30002:12
9."The Train" (featuring Sleepy Brown & Scar)Patton, David Brown, Joi Gilliam, Kevin Kendrick, Myrna Crenshaw, P. Brown, T. SmithAndré 30004:09
10."Life Is Like a Musical"BenjaminAndré 30002:14
11."No Bootleg DVDs" (Interlude)0:50
12."Hollywood Divorce" (featuring Lil Wayne & Snoop Dogg)Benjamin, Patton, Calvin Broadus, Dwayne CarterAndré 30005:23
13."Zora" (Interlude)0:16
14."Call the Law" (featuring Janelle Monáe)Patton, Charles Joseph II, Janelle Robinson, Nathaniel Irvin IIINate "Rocket" Wonder, Big Boi (co.), Chuck Lightning (co.), Janelle Monáe (co.)4:51
15."Bamboo & Cross" (Interlude)0:55
16."Buggface"Patton, David Sheats, Jeminesse SmithJeminesse Smith, Mr. DJ2:45
17."Makes No Sense at All"BenjaminAndré 30002:53
18."In Your Dreams" (featuring Killer Mike & Janelle Monáe)Patton, Robinson, P. Brown, MurrayOrganized Noize3:34
19."PJ & Rooster"Benjamin, PattonAndré 30004:27
20."Mutron Angel" (featuring Whild Peach)Patton, D. Brown, M. BrownWhild Peach4:18
21."Greatest Show on Earth" (featuring Macy Gray)BenjaminAndré 30003:06
22."You're Beautiful" (Interlude)0:29
23."When I Look in Your Eyes"Benjamin, KendrickKevin Kendricks2:43
24."Dyin' to Live"BenjaminAndré 30002:07
25."A Bad Note"Benjamin, KendrickAndré 30008:47
  • In the album booklet, the producer for "A Bad Note" is listed as Johnny Vulture, which actually stands as a nickname for André 3000.
Sample credits
  • "Mighty 'O" contains a portion of the composition "Minnie the Moocher" - written by Cab Calloway, Clarence Gaskill and Irving Mills - as performed by Cab Calloway.
  • "Peaches" contains a sample from "Cuss Words" as performed by Too Short.
  • "The Train", "Call the Law", "Buggface" and "PJ & Rooster" contain dialogue from the film Idlewild.

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