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joi, 26 decembrie 2019

DE AFARĂ: Cam'ron - Purple Haze 2 (2019)

Purple Haze 2 a fost lansat în data de 20 decembrie 2019, prin Killa Entertainment.

In a recent interview with Angel Diaz for Complex, Cam’ron explained why he made Purple Haze’s sequel 15 years after its release:
The studio’s in the house, so even when I’m not working, I’m working. A lot of times, I tell myself I’m not going to fuck with music no more, but then I end up fucking with music, even if it doesn't come out. It’s the 15-year anniversary of Purple Haze this year. So I was like, damn, I have so many dope songs, and I’m still working—why not do a Part 2 around the anniversary of Part 1? People are always asking me for music, so I thought it was time to put some music back out.

1. Toast To Me
2. Medellin
3. Losin’ Weight 3
4. K.O.P.
5. I Don’t Know f. Wale
6. Big Deal
7. Fast Lane
8. The Right One
9. This Is My City f. Max B
10. Keep Rising f. Max B
11. The Get Back f. Mimi
12. Just Be Honest f. Mimi
13. Ride The Wave
14. Killa Bounce f. Disco Black
15. Believe In Flee
16. Straight Harlem f. Jim Jones & Shooter

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