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marți, 25 februarie 2020

DE AFARĂ: M-DOT - The Atonement (Produsă de Pete Rock)

"The Atonement" by M-Dot is the first glimpse into the state of mind the Boston lyricist was in while crafting his sophomore album "Ego & The Enemy Part 2: A Dissolute Paradise" This [lead] single is fueled by Soul Brother #1, the legend Pete Rock. By definition "Atonement" is about correcting a previous wrongdoing, so consider this the first step on the pathway to redemption for anyone whose been napping on M-Dot until now. Ego & The Enemy: Part 2 is due for release this year, and features collaborations with some of the best producers in Hip-Hop, Pete Rock, Erick Sermon, !llmind, Apollo Brown, M-Phazes, plus a few other surprises.

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Ego & The Enemy 2 European Tour Dates:
• 3/6 Bar59 [Lucerne Switzerland] - The Beatnuts
• 3/7 Das Haus [Ludwigshafen, Germany]
• 3/13 Kultuurikklubi Tempel [Pärnu, Estonia]
• 3/14 Uus Laine [Tallinn, Estonia]
• 3/20 Rock Cafe [Prague, Czech Rep.]
• 3/21 Hafenstube Telux [Weißwasser, Germany]
• 3/27 Middle East [Cambridge, MA] - Masta Ace & Marco Polo

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