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miercuri, 25 martie 2020

DE AFARĂ: 50 Cent - 5 (Murder by Numbers) (2012)

Mixtape-ul 5 (Murder by Numbers) a fost lansat în data de 6 iulie 2012.

While recording 5 (Murder by Numbers), 50 Cent listened to a mix of music performed by his favourite artists, including rappers Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G.. In an interview with the Detroit Free Press, 50 Cent explained these actions, stating, "I listen to those records to create expectations... It creates a level to me, within myself, of how good the record has to be before I'm ready to launch it." In the same interview, he described the album as a "whole new sound" for him and felt that it was "more soulful" and "more mature" than his previous work. 50 Cent confirmed the album's title; 5 (Murder by Numbers) in an interview with the radio station "Hot 107.9 Philly" on June 13, 2012.

Track listing

  • Features, producers were confirmed by This Is 50
1."My Crown"Focus...3:05
3."United Nations"45 Music2:44
4."Business Mind" (featuring Hayes)Hit-Boy3:01
5."Roll That Shit" (featuring Kidd Kidd)The Letter "C"3:49
6."Leave the Lights On"Trox3:22
8."Definition of Sexy" (featuring Guordan)
9."Be My Bitch" (featuring Brevi)Harvey Mason, Jr.3:55
10."Can I Speak to You" (featuring Schoolboy Q)DJ Pain 12:56

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